Government proposes amendments to controversial land reserve bill

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

BC’s Agriculture minister is proposing amendments to his government’s controversial bill to change the Agricultural Land Reserve.

Minister Norm Letnick says he has heard concerns and will alter the bill to create more oversight from the Agricultural Land Commission.

“These amendments will include the ability of the chair or regional panel to raise significant applications to the executive committee of the commission.”

However Nicholas Simons, the NDP MLA for the Sunshine Coast, says his party remains steadfast against the changes.

“Bill 24 should never have been conceived. Bill 24 should never have been drafted. Bill 24 should never have been tabled. And Bill 24 should not be passed.”

The major changes to the ALR, including splitting it into two zones, remain unchanged.


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  1. Minister Norm Letnick is bound to make fellow Liberal Minister Bill Bennett very angry. Rumor has it that when Billy was asked, “What do we do when there is no longer enough land to grow food for BC residents?”, he replied, “No problem, we’ll build food courts.”

  2. Thay are going to have 2 Zones , one for the rich and one for the poor , What do reserves fall under , ? I wonder , How much land does fracking gas require , as aposed to growing food .
    And remember to think before you stink .