While not always the most popular subject, proper Estate Planning is key for families and can alleviate a great deal of stress during difficult and emotional times. In the coming weeks, CKNW will be exploring the many facets of Estate Planning and bring forth the important questions and answers surrounding this often silent subject.

Presented by Martin Brothers Funeral Services, our Focus On: Estate Planning feature begins by looking at the importance of funeral services and pre-planning for the inevitable.


Remembering our loved ones has always been part of the human culture. How we choose to remember them has become very personal and often unique.

There are certain elements of memorialization in the 21st century that remain consistent with our past.

  • We still need to grieve and console, and this may be reflected in some form of service or deliberate memorial act.
  • It may be a traditional funeral held in our family church, place of worship, or precious, significant locale.
  • Going to the cemetery or family burial plot for the final interment signifies the final resting place
  • Taking time to reflect, meet family and friends over coffee, tea or maybe libations, helps family and friends to reach each other in a way that accompanies the grieving process.

Whether you choose traditional Burial or Cremation, it is important to remember that the Funeral service does not change. We still pay tribute…we still grieve…we still remember.”

- Dale A. Martin Jr.



Dale Martin Jr. is a third generation Funeral Director and President/Owner of Martin Brothers Funeral Services, a company with a history dating back to 1907. Along with their new location on Dunbar in Vancouver’s West Side, Martin is also Chairman of the Board for The Caring Group Corp., and owns other funeral homes, flower shops, and monument design operations across Alberta and British Columbia.



Our goal is to provide the best possible value – which is the ideal combination of price and quality. Our mission is to help you commemorate the life of your loved one. Since 1907 we have known that the most valuable thing we own is our reputation. This is why we hire and train people who are compassionate, creative, and committed to excellence. At times like these, it makes the best sense to select a funeral home with which you have confidence and trust. We believe you deserve nothing less.

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