UPDATE: Grand Chief Edward John appointed Senior Advisor on Aboriginal Child Welfare

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UPDATE: Grand Chief Edward John appointed Senior Advisor on Aboriginal Child Welfare

The Provincial Government has announced the appointment of Grand Chief Edward John as a Senior Advisor on Aboriginal Child Welfare to the Minister of Children and Family Development.

In a news release, the Government says he will help more aboriginal children and youth secure a safe, caring, and permanent family outside of government care.

John is to help develop stronger plans that will lead to greater success finding “forever families” through adoption, guardianship, or other options that may be more appropriate in First Nations communities.

The appointment is for six months ending March 31st.

Turpel-Lafond will “wait and see” if any real change materializes

B.C.’s Representative for Children and Youth is taking a wait-and-see approach to the province’s announcement.

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond says what she’s waiting for is to see whether Grand Chief Edward John will be able to give the Ministry of Children and Family Development the advice it needs to hear .

According to the province, Chief John will be advising the government on ways to help “reduce the number of Aboriginal children in care”, and he has a six-month term to do it in.

Turpel-Lafond, who says the situation for aboriginal children has deteriorated over the last ten years, says Chief John will “have to use the full force of his character to get change” for them.

“We know what the outstanding recommendations are, he’s going to have to produce somethingand he’s got a short period of time to do that; six months.”

“The pressure is on him and it’s on the government and I welcome it (Chief John’s appointment), but I will be expecting real change for the children of British Columbia.”

Turpel-Lafond says any government can appoint an advisor to themselves, but says Chief John has worked for Aboriginal families and children for many years.


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  1. How is this individual going to help. VACFAS (Vancouver Aboriginal Child and family Services) is already created to make these things happen. Not that they have been overly successful, however another political appointment sure is not going to help. How much more is this guy going to cost taxpayers.

    • this is mere bafflegab to avoid the issues facing the Christy government meeting with the First Nations leaders which not progressed one iota since the last meeting a year ago. Stall, Stall, Stall. Where is the debt reducing LNG money Christy?

  2. His time would be better spent in dealing with children having children and rampant drug and alcohol abuse on the reserves. Cosmetic appointment only. Until the Indians have respect for themselves and all others, nothing can be accomplished.

    • Murray – So you want them to have more respect for themselves than you have for them. From what you have said that should be very easy for them.

  3. Interesting, but this is NOT a Provincial problem but rather a Federal and First Nations problem.

    The First Nations, with some exceptions have been totally irresponsible in the care of FN peoples. This matter is really a FN problem to solve.

    • $12 million already spent and NOTHING to show for it. Bottomless money pit.

      Cut the funding!! Tell all groups involved that they will all be cut off from all funding unless the problem is FIXED within 6 months.

      Make them actually do some work for the millions.

      This is not oil on LNG or forests. It’s children dying!!

      Do something meaningful or get out of office. PERMANENTLY. This includes you Clarke!

  4. The best gift that the native elders can pass on to their kid’s and future generations Get off government handouts. The day the the First Nations people accepted government charity was he beginning of the end. It stole away initiative and motivation and the ability to stand on their own feet. Alcoholism and drug abuse was a natural next step. Poor people from Eastern Europe from Scotland and Ireland who had nothing came and made a go of it. This dependency industry has stolen away pride from so many great native bands. Sad to see their broken brothers and sisters on the Down Town East Side.