More dying from distracted driving than drunk driving in B.C.

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More dying from distracted driving than drunk driving in B.C.

Distracted driving deaths have now exceeded those killed by drunk drivers in this province.

ICBC’s director of road safety, John Dickenson, says on average 88 people are killed each year due to distracted driving.

“In an environment where all fatalities are decreasing, that we still have this very preventable cause that is not going down is very much a concern for all of us.”

RCMP Supt. Denis Boucher says police chiefs want tougher legislation from the province.

“Dome other provinces and communities are looking at raising the fine, adding penalty points, and also even seizing the vehicle or seizing the phone for a period of time.”

Police will launch a crackdown campaign this month.


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  1. How about instead of a campaign, tell people that they won’t be covered by insurance if they cause an accident because of distracted driving. Or, if they cause an accident because of distracted driving, their ICBC premiums will double, or triple! And then, you won’t have to penalize those of us who actually pay attention while driving by upping OUR premiums! I am sick to death of paying for all of the lousy drivers in this province.

    I haven’t had an at-fault accident in 20 years!! 20! Why do my premiums keep going up? I’ll tell you why, because this stupid government-controlled monopoly of an auto-insurer keeps making me pay for the drivers who can’t keep their cars on the road. Not really sure why this is my fault. If they can’t drive properly make them pay or take them off the road all together.

    • Fully agree! I am outraged by the announcement of ICBC to up the premiums for EVERYONE to cover the stupidity of a few. Give those idiots hefty fines, up THEIR premium 3x, 4x, 10x, 100x but leave MY PREMIUM alone, do you hear me, ICBC? The irresponsible drivers should pay for their mistakes, not the rest of us! But what can you expect from a brainless government monopoly, anyways?

  2. What value do we put on human life? Is making sure you answer the phone or text message more important? How would one feel maiming or killing because the phone was more important?

  3. Surely there is a fine big enough to deter these idiots! If not, how bout they lose their driving privileges? I know what won’t work – raising everyone’s rates!

  4. First of all, if they get caught, seize the phone. It is forfeited. First offense $1000.00. Second offense, drivers licence gone. You don’t get it back until you go through the same procedures as a drunk driver.
    We started out being lenient with drunk drivers. It didn’t work. Too many people were still dying. So it got tougher, and so on until today our laws are fairly stiff and people are getting the message.
    How many innocent people are going to die before the government toughens up these laws. Don’t wait and do it slowly, put some teeth in these laws so people get the message. They clearly are not getting the message as it stands now.

  5. I see many more texting and phoning,one reason is the penalty is far,far,far tooooooo low.I says respectable fine of 500 $$$ and insurance cancellation for 3 year min. Now that will get attention.