More people turn to food banks in B.C.

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Food bank use in B.C. is up 20 per cent compared with six years ago, while donations are dwindling.

“We have 94,000 people who need the services of a food bank every month,” says Laura Lansink, executive director of Food Banks BC.

Twenty-nine per cent of people turning to their shelves are children, which works out to 28,000 kids every month.

“Why is that so high? We have in B.C. one in five children living in poverty.”

What’s more, Lansink says several of the province’s 94 food banks are out of food.

“That’s a scary situation when you’re a food bank and you’ve got people coming to you for help, to know that you’re not going to make it through that day and help those folks.”


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  1. It is not a scary situation. Do not enable people. If you enable the bears they become dependent and will not forage, in other words , work to find their food. It is a the same with people. Why are we bringing in foreign workers. We are bring them in because people her will not work. It doesn’t matter what the pay is, if there is a job available you take it, you do not go to the food bank.
    Not to many industrialized countries have food banks. I think the whole thing is shameful and will never donate to one. It has become a way of life for some people.
    It amazes me how immigrants can come to this country and can make amazing steps to get ahead. Why? Because they are not afraid of hard work.

    • You may wish to inform yourself on what a recipient gets at the food bank before beaking off. If lucky a recipient may get enough food to cover 3-4 days of sustenance once every 2 weeks. By my calculations that means they have to fend for themselves to cover the other 10-11 days.

      There is also the fact that recipients must show that they are in the need of assistance. You can’t just walk in off the street and avail yourself of a handout.

    • what a dumb, uneducated response! day you will find yourself in need, and I hope everyone you approach will throw this idiotic statement right back at you. You obviously have never been down on your luck…! People like you are the problem, not those who avail themselves of meager bits of food that may last them a couple of days. You are a shameful excuse for a human being.

    • You must be an immigrant that seems to never be out of work or has a handy cell phone for the back ally or street corner dealing’s. I see so many people making fast cash with no consequence with underground pay deals to avoid paying taxes and nanny’s after 4-5 years in Canada brings family here and so soon can buy a house. Someone told me they can manage money better than Canadian’s, that’s some managing for people working minimum wages. You said work harder have you ever waited in a line to pay for your goods and see the cashiers in a deep conversation speaking a different language? I worked along side many immigrants they work no more or less than a Canadian! With the foreign worker program lady they do not hire Canadians where have you been?

  2. Well no kidding, when people can’t afford outrageous rents. Why isn’t the entire lower mainland building more apartments with regulated rents? I have not seen any new apartment being built in many years. Most people are living in slums built in the 60′s. Many people on Disability in BC only get $350 for shelter, THAT should be a crime against humanity! This needs to change now! Sure seems ok to keep giving breaks to corporate whores, but never anything for the ones who really need it!