Province working to make sure Grade 12 students graduate, despite strike

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Province working to make sure Grade 12 students graduate, despite strike

With no end in sight for the teachers’ strike, no plans are in place yet to ensure students who are supposed to be in Grade 12 and en route to graduating next year aren’t cheated out of an education.

“Our commitment has to be to the students, no matter what, that they’re able to complete their year to move on to their post-secondary education of choice.”

Education Minister Peter Fassbender says government staff have been directed to make arrangements with school administrators, but no details have been finalized yet.

“There’s a number of potential options. We’ve not landed on anything and it also is going to be contingent on how long the strike continues.”

He won’t say if days could be added to the school calendar to make up for time lost.

Fassbender has again asked union leaders to suspend their strike, but they’ve made it clear picket lines won’t drop without assurances a settlement can be negotiated.


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  1. Many universities (you know the important ones outside Lotusland) will make our Grade 12s take a prep year costing their parents another $10,000 – $20,000. If you think education is cheap try life without one. Dumbest province in the country.

  2. Guess what? Remove Clause E80 (which you’ve refused to do for 16 months), sit down at the table to bargain in Good Faith and students can be back in class.

    • Class size and Composition shouldn’t be part of the contract. The school boards told the NDP government that is was a very bad idea but they went and put it into the contract because the BCTF wanted it.

      • Everyone has a right to negotiate working conditions. It just happens that smaller class sizes benefit both the teachers and students. Why do you think private schools are ranked among the top in the province year after year?

  3. Districts have already been forced to adopt a “No Fail” policy to pump the kids through the factory as cheaply as possible. To deal with the lack of adequate funding, Public Schools have pimped out up to 10,000 BC Provincial classroom seats per year to international students at a sale of $12,500/year.
    But this whole mess, may create an even cheaper way to flush kids through the system. Simply pay parents a few bucks a day (maybe $20) for the Middle School to High School aged kids, and simply shut down Public School altogether. Each June mail out a “Graduation Statement” indicating that the student has been promoted to the next grade. If the student was in Grade 12, then the certificate will be a “Dogwood Diploma”.
    No buildings to run, no staff, no resources to pay for. This will solve the entire problem. Perhaps BC Citizens will get a small tax break, and for sure MLAs will get a substantial raise and increase to pension and yearly expense accounts.
    “Schoooooools Out Forever ! “

    • Great news, I might have been wrong about school being out forever. After reading some more articles, I found out that some Superintendents are so concerned about losing their International Student Cash Cow, that they are setting up bussing and finding money for field trips for these International Students and they are recruiting Administrators to start teaching them classroom courses.
      I just wish my kids could have those benefits. Unfortunately, two of my kids are in grade 10 and 11, and they are too old to be considered valuable. If only my kids were International Students !

      • I gave the link to the news station that reported it, but CKNW probably can’t post it. Google “12K a yr students wait out strike”.
        That is exactly how School Districts are trying to find adequate funding.
        Very Sad ! !

  4. The only reason the government wants teachers back in school is to not lose out on the tens of millions of dollars that international students bring into the system. Get them in, cash the cheques and then let the teachers go back on strike in 2 weeks.

    • Alf5892, International students are important to School Districts to augment existing financial needs. I’m concerned about this revenue avenue and think both sides of this dispute should consider continued strike implications.

  5. I was listening to this report on the radio this evening talk about The Premier and the mistake about the unlimited massages form the BCTF. The report said that the proposal was only for up to 700 and how far off The Premier was. She didn’t mention that up to last week there was the $3,000 per year additional massage benefit in the proposal. Mr. Iker mentioned it during his news conference the other day and mentioned it had just been removed. It seems that the reporters was playing with the facts in order to give a certain slant to the broadcast. Not really all that professional.

  6. Iker said very clearly that it was $3000 for teachers with chronic illness – not for all teachers, and it was withdrawn from the bargaining table well BEFORE Ms.Clark made her comments.

  7. The initial intent 12 years ago, when Snookums and Gordo started the bulk of this stink, was to privatize the education system. After all, look at all the massive success’s we have in the province. (If I’m not mistaken all provincial privatized services are an over priced, poorly run, PITA)

  8. Eb, privatization is definitely a component of the government’s plan. I have no problem with that provided the public education system is not compromised. My concern on that issue is that as children are moved into a private system, the impact of class composition will degrade public education.