New rules for Oppenheimer Park tent city

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A month and a half after the City of Vancouver issued eviction notices for tent city campers at Oppenheimer Park, the fire department is issuing new rules.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services has handed out notices to campers saying they are not allowed candles or open flames, only one tent is allowed under each tarp, and tents cannot be within 30 feet of streets bordering the park.

All of this comes after a tarp caught fire last week.

So far there has been no attempt by city officials to evict those in the tent city, despite the eviction notice being served.


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  1. Hopefully the property taxes will be lowered in the immediate area. A tent city isn’t conducive to their value. In other words, should they be put on the market they would only sell at a discount.

  2. If you can hold up a protest sign you can probably flip a burger but then again why work when by being a nuisance to society, you will be rewarded with free food, housing, medical, dental……

  3. 1. City builds several (more than enough) single-occupancy buildings specifically for social housing.
    2. These people that used to protest for social housing are temporarily satisfied satisfied, used the rooms, but completely trashed the rooms with drugs, feces, and human residue, making it disgusting.
    3. These people now complain that the housing wasn’t good enough and refuse to live in single occupancy rooms (made nasty by the same people).
    4. ??????
    5. Government’s fault obviously for not having new single-occupancy buildings specifically for social housing. PROTEST!
    6. Wait a minute….

  4. Summer is all most over , than the rain comes , and all the fair weather friends all go home .
    Untill next summer , doesn’t realy do any good for the homeless .
    Stop selling the city to foren investment , because they displace the poor , and fill up the propertys with their own people at twice the rents , Try looking for a place in Vancouver some time , Shure alot of jerks in the rentle busines .

  5. Almost 99% of these “homeless” people are housed and just wanna play no it all activist. Theres a difference between a homeless >ActivistBitcher< leaving there couch over what they see on a news report. If most of these idiots didnt leave the last room that was paid for by the people they downplay to jump into a tent the number wouldnt be what it is.

    If anything : To The Province <<<<<>IF<< they arent happy here with whats provided. But na bitch bitch bitch….

    You all no this is the truth , From a REAL Activist.