Families are signing up for the child care subsidy in the teachers strike

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Families are signing up for the child care subsidy in the teachers strike

As the teachers strike drags on, Finance Minister Mike de Jong says just under half of the eligible families have signed up for the 40-dollar-a-day subsidy for child care.

“Well there’s just over half of the 300-thousand eligible students, so about 145-thousand – just under half – about 145-thousand students and their families have registered for the assistance package”

He says that shows parents do appreciate the help with the real costs they must incur because of the dispute.

De Jong says families will be paid the money when the strike is over.


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  1. All parents who are going to receive this money.
    Don’t forget that it is a TAXABLE benefit. That means you will have to pay tax on it!

    Oh! snookums didn’t say anything about that? Guess she just has so much so much on her plate that it skipped her mind!

    • it’s not taxable!!!! it already comes from a taxed contribution. only is it taxable when it’s a wage to teachers does it become taxable. next time read a little into it before commenting.

    • It’s true, this money must be reported as taxable income. However, any child-related expenses parents incur while they work is deductible against their income (to a limit, of course).

      We have two kids, so the $80 is going right back out to the high school student we hired to look after them so we can work.

  2. Paid the money when the strike is over….why?? They can`t pay their caregivers when the strike is over. Also, their taxes have paid to have their kids in class so be accountable when you cannot offer them what has already been paid for.

  3. This was the genius who thought it was good idea to throw teachers in jail for teaching. Zero credibility. Obama called he wants your government programmers for Affordable Care