UPDATED: 23-year-old mom charged after young son found starving

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A young mother from Surrey who is accused of starving her 27-month-old son has been released on bail.

The 23-year-old is charged with criminal negligence and failing to provide the necessities of life for her child, who was seized from her and is now in government care in hospital.

The baby was found with a body mass of a seven-month-old. Police say he is improving.

RCMP say they received a complaint on June 16 of a “neglected” two-year-old boy who’d been brought in to a hospital. The special victims’ unit got involved and an arrest was made Aug. 29.

Neighbours of a restaurant in Port Coquitlam where the mother works say police visited there several weeks ago, but they were initially told there may have been a break-in, and only later learned about the allegations of child abuse.

They say another waitress who may be related to the mother would only confirm there had been a ‘family incident.’

The woman cannot be named because of a publication ban.

She’s expected to make her next court appearance in Surrey next week.


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  1. Disgusting!!I have no doubt someone out there thinks the mother is a victim somehow. Poor child. What kind of animal could tolerate a child screaming all day without feeding the poor thing. Maybe she confused the drug dealer for the grocery store. Im so glad she was charged.
    I have no faith this pig will go to jail. Just wait and see.
    Sorry, I mean, where was the government? She obviously didn’t get enough support. We need to increase welfare payments so that no child ever has to starve again. Where was Children and Families. This iis “Trixies” fault for not caring about average families

  2. That is realy sad in this day and age of inlightment . Some people shouldn’t have kids , yet they plop them out , and no one around to help rase them , except for the welfair .
    5 kids and 5 different fathers , and good time Salley is still dreaming .