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Premier Christy Clark is once again turning to social media to wade into the teachers dispute.

In a post on Facebook last night, Clark says “she understands how difficult a time this is for students, parents and teachers”, and “no one wants to see our schools closed due to a teachers’ strike.”

Clark also expressed her continued support for Education Minister Peter Fassbender, who says the only place to get an agreement is at the table.

She then posted a copy of a letter from Fassbender from last week. It said the government is standing firm until the union moves off its demands, which he calls unaffordable.

The Premier also took her message to Twitter.

Clark has been noticeably absent from much of the public debate around the education dispute, refusing calls by the teachers union president to meet with him face-to-face.

To see her full post, click here


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  1. Personally I don’t think it should be up to Clark to fight these battles, is that not why she has Fassbender? Everyone, get your butts back to the table and get it done, sick of hearing about it

      • She should resign because she has decimated the education and healthcare system in this province to help pay for all the capital project improvements! Large scale high profile capital projects get you short term high profile visibility and will get you re-elected. Investing in long term issues like education and healthcare do not. THIS is why she should resign. As a concerned parent (and not a teacher) I am really worried about the direction this province is going. Kids are graduating from school not being able to string proper sentences together. Why do you think that is? Do we blame the teachers or a government that has done nothing except erode the public education system throughout its tenure? If you look into the facts it is quite clear. Balancing the budget at the expense of healthcare and education. YES Christy Clark should resign. But she never will. There are enough people that believe the lies and don’t care about long term societal issues and whose thinking only extends towards the near future that gladly will keep her on.

      • And by the way, the big issue IS the class size and composition issue that is stalling the talks. NOT the wages and benefits. This strike would have been resolved before it even started if the only issue was wages and benefits. It is not about union members asking for free money!

        It really is the kids that those teachers are fighting for. Class size and composition issue directly affect the students!

  2. Does CKNW have any pictures of our premiere that does not make her look so grrrrr-angry. Uh huh, ya she soooooo mean, she wont use other peoples money to make her problems go away.

  3. Where’s Christy Clark?? Come out, come out, wherever you are!!! Easy to hide behind your tweets and media messages … it is all just a bunch of blah, blah, blah … do something real and bargain in good faith and get the kids and their teachers back into the schools. You are not winning any brownie points with anyone!

    I hope the people of Kelowna who voted her in on the 2nd round, now understand why the people down here in Vancouver DID NOT VOTE HER IN. It should have ended at that.

    • I’ve never heard a reasonable explanation of what it means to “bargain in good faith”. Cave to crazy demands? Stand firm? Dicker forever? What is it? Is Iker bargaining “in good faith”?
      No the other unions have had this never-ending problem. So, is it Christy Clark and this government or the other guy here?

      • “bargaining in good faith” means that you bargain with the intention of reaching a compromised agreement. Parties who impose preconditions to bargaining do not bargain in bad faith.

        Hope that helps

        • Not really. The charge has been making the rounds long before any so-called pre-conditions. It seems like the “bad faith” bit just pops up when there’s nothing else to say.

          • The courts came up with the bad faith argument The BCSC Ruled that this government Bargained in Bad faith and ruled unconstitutional to boot. This is where it came up. Ron and nothing has changed and if they do not settle this and move on and wait for the courts decision to come down then we will all see who is right or wrong. Then we can settle this Bull crap once and for all, no matter where it goes for the teachers or against the Government. Then we can all deal with recall Nov 17th

      • Bargain in good faith means a willingness to give and take. It means not putting forward one issue, E80, and saying unless you accept this nothing else will happen and you are not willing to negotiate. This is something clearly not attended to by the Liberals. They should be smart enough, although Christy was expelled from SFU for attempting to fix student union elections, so her character is obviously flawed. Fassbender is a member of a fairly extreme religious group so he undeniably reflects that bias. Bargain in good faith means way more to most than it does to Liberals. “If you don’t give me what I want, I will not deal with you” is not bargaining in good faith and why so few talks and so little progress has been made. Those are facts!

    • A group of greedy union members on strike, the premier can’t do much to shut them up unless giving them all the money they want. However, this premier is standing firm behind OUR hard earned taxpayer money (maybe not yours J). Now its up to the union members to realize how greedy they are asking for twice the money other public union members are earning. Yes their work is difficult and is working to educate our kids, but remember, other unions are also working for the public and their work is difficult as well. It’s very unfair when the “teachers’ have extra power than any other BCians in our province. Just because they are teachers don’t make them more superior than you or me.

      • NewsA, referring to teachers as “greedy” is shallow thinking! Teachers are simply not buying into the notion that Liberal priorities in spending are directed in the public interest. Public education is an investment for the future.

        The Liberals are focused on “pie in the sky” economics and dream of a LNG windfall. All hogwash.

      • These “greedy” union members as you call them are actually foregoing their pay in order to fight for the improvement of class size and composition in schools! When will people get their facts straight!! This fight is not about wages and benefits. If it was, this strike would have been settled long ago!! The real sticking point (if you bother to look into it) is the class size and composition issues which DOES benefit the students, not the teachers!

        So NewsA, the Premier should just “stand firm” as you put it and protect our tax dollars? What have they been doing with our tax dollars the past 5 years? Spending it on large high profile capital improvement projects to get themselves re-elected that’s what! Where do you think all the money is coming from for that?

        In the meantime the classrooms are getting more and more difficult to manage with the integration of various levels of learning disabled kids into classrooms with kids without learning disabilities and not enough teachers aids to deal with these specialized needs kids. So these kids are then the responsibility of the teachers who have to slow down the pace of learning and spend more time with these special needs kids that takes away time from the rest of the classroom to learn at a higher level! It’s very self evident in the general education level of kids graduating these days.

        But lets keep protecting those tax dollars and spending them on other things than healthcare and education..those things are really important, are they?? Think short term, yeah…that’s it!

  4. Can we please have the wages and benefits of the teachers published? The wages I have heard are pretty damned good. The pension plan and benefits seem over the moon. Do we pay over $3 to$1 into their plan?

  5. The fact is if government pays whatever the unions ask, the province will go broke. Just like you have dozen children and each of them ask what you can afford, what you should do? hard on unions will bring our province back to health pass.

    • Is that why BC is the second lowest funded province in Canada (after PEI) per student? Is BC really that poor or is money being earmarked for other “more important” things? Ask yourself why that is…

      As a taxpayer and parent (and not a teacher!) I am ok with more of my tax dollars going to the education system. It sure does need it after chronic underfunding for years in this province!

  6. Christy is NOT a leader. She continues to hide in the shadows and refuses to deal with difficult issues as a leader should.

    Christy is interested only when there is a camera and a microphone and her audience is in awe by all the bull @#$%^& she continually spews on them.

  7. Iker would be well advised to appoint a professional bargaining agent, someone without the ideological handicaps, someone with an independent profession perspective.

  8. Her news conference was ridiculously useless. “We need to get the bargaining table, bargain in good faith….etc, etc” How much more “political” could her statement have been? She literally said nothing. These politicians need to look the definition of “leadership”. It means stating true, honest, opinions. I voted for the current Premier, I keep praying she will actually say something with some level of depth and intelligence. All we ever hear is that “we cannot run deficits” I agree with running the Province efficiently and looking to boost our economy in order to pay for programs and services. However, she has forgotten one of the key roles in of government in first world, socially conscious nations is to advance education, and support those people in our society (i.e. special needs children, the disabled…) who need it. Further, not all government sector unions can be compared in the black and white manner in which she has. This continuous reference to “it’s not fair to give the teachers more than other unions” is simple minded. Teachers play a key role in producing our future citizens. I’m so disappointed in Christy Clarke. We don’t have a true leader.

    • It’s all been said though. Over and over and over. Check out the Ministry of Ed web site – your answers are all right there – from this government.
      I don’t understand what people were hoping for from a media spot. Their actions clearly say they’re holding stongly to their commitments and that’s all that matters to me.

  9. You are all wrong she’s on vacation some where , and resents the fact that it’s her time to nuckle under and lead , You don’t think she got that face from sucking lemons do you