Grim anniversary marked in Victoria

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Grim anniversary marked in Victoria

Tomorrow marks a grim anniversary in Victoria: seven years since Peter Lee murdered his son, his wife, and her parents before taking his own life.

And despite dozens of recommendations aimed at preventing similar tragedies, advocates say the problem of domestic violence in BC is getting worse.

Robin Russell suffered a broken nose, black eyes, knocked out teeth and guns shoved in her mouth before she left her abuser seven years ago.

“When a person tells you that when you finally find someone and become happy, he’ll be waiting around the corner to throw acid in your face….it sticks with you forever.”

Russell says community based victims services helped her survive.

Child and youth watchdog Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond says BC needs more of that, but the government has put no new money into domestic violence this year.

“When we’ve had 18 deaths and counting. And that’s unacceptable.”

The Liberals have promised to move toward a violence-free BC.



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  1. Just not certain how the government is supposed to address this issue in any prevention policy. It is almost impossible for either the government or the police to predict when or if domestic violence might occur.
    It is a troubling issue, but really it is up to the individual to deal with it by leaving their partner.

  2. Not sure how the government is supposed to stop domestic violence when they don’t change the laws. Our laws right now always favour the criminals. We can’t be stepping on the rights of the criminals, heaven forbid. And with domestic abuse cases, basically the victim has to be killed or just about killed before anything happens, and even then, it’s minimal. The abuser may go to jail for a couple of months and then there’s the all important piece of paper stating they must stay so many metres away… ooohhh, we all know how strong those pieces of paper are! Even when the restraining order is breached, the criminal still doesn’t go to prison.

    Enough with the protection of the criminals, start protecting the victims for a change. Our laws are among the main reasons people don’t rat out abusers, they know that the abusers will get arrested, get pissed off, will then be set free, where they will then come back and beat the tar out of their victims, again. CHANGE THE LAWS!