UPDATED: 23-year-old man charged in Surrey girl’s sexual assault

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UPDATED: 23-year-old man charged in Surrey girl's sexual assault

Police say an arrest has been made in the frightening sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl in Surrey last week.

Donovan Adams, 23, will appear in provincial court today to face charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, sexual interference and committing an indecent act.

RCMP Supt. Trent Rolfe says the suspect was actually arrested Thursday evening, a day after the attack. Charges weren’t laid until today.

Police call this a crime of opportunity with a ground-level window that was left open.

Last week, police reported the child was lured out of her North Surrey family home in the 9900-block of 128 Street, taken to a nearby park and sexually assaulted. She was then left in someone’s backyard before she ran home and alerted her mother.

The forensic unit actually spotted the suspect on surveillance video from the security systems of neighbouring homes.


  1. Unfortunately, with our revolving door justice system, this upstanding young citizen will be prowling the streets again in a few months time !

    But don’t blame the judges…..they would bring down stronger sentences…but they are working within the guidelines set by the government……oh wait
    I forgot, the government brought in stiffer legislation…and the judges threw it out!!

    And if things couldn’t get worse, the federal Liberals…led by the intellectual heavy weight Justin Trudeau think they are going to get another chance to get in and further weaken our legal system .

  2. It ‘s prity simple , the guy is nuts , a threat to kids , and who knows what elese is going through his head . They are just little kids , why should they be victoms . And the word for it is rape .
    In the old days they were floged , in prison , for being a skinners .