BC Federation of Labour schedules rallies to support striking teachers

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BC Federation of Labour schedules rallies to support striking teachers

The BC Federation of Labour has announced a series of rallies this week to support striking teachers. Last week the BC Fed launched a series of radio ads in support of the BCTF.

Each day a protest will be held outside the office of a Cabinet Minister – including Education Minister Peter Fassbender this afternoon, and Premier Clark’s office in Kelowna tomorrow.

Schedule of protests:

Tuesday, September 2nd  - 5:00 pm Minister Peter Fassbender’s Office, Surrey
Venture Way at Fraser Highway

Wednesday, September 3rd  - 4:00 pm Premier Christy Clark’s Office, Kelowna
3-2429 Dobbin Rd, West Kelowna

Thursday, September 4th  - 6:00 pm Minister Shirley Bond’s Office, Prince George
1350 5th Avenue, Prince George

Friday, September 5th – 5:00 pm BC Liberal Cabinet Office, Vancouver
Canada Place Plaza


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  1. I have got a Bridge for sale for any one who believes the BCTF is interested in reaching a Settlement!!! Careful observation and examination of the following actions of the BCTF, can only be construed to maybe serve the interests of its members in one way?

    The teachers’ union passed a motion against the Northern Gateway Pipeline, which would generate $1.2 billion for B.C. taxpayers over its first three decades in operation.

    The teachers’ union rejected the Prosperity Mine in the Chilcotin.

    The teachers’ union opposed the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal, months before any plan had been released

    The B.C. teachers’ union is fighting the Keystone XL pipeline, which would connect Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico, never coming near B.C.

    The BCTF flag flew high at an anti-fracking rally in Vancouver last month – yes, the union opposed the fledgling liquefied natural gas industry too.

    The BCTF also joined Occupy Vancouver , protesting against the same wealth-generating corporations their teachers’ pensions are heavily invested in : TD Bank ($155.7m in pension investments), Scotia Bank ($124.3m), RBC ($166.7m), Bank of Montreal ($75.2m) and Bell Canada ($61.2m).

    The BCTF opposed the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement. Yet, the BCTF fought it – with no thought given to the $140 million their pension has invested in Chinese state-controlled companies.

    The government is focusing on growing the B.C. economy, in order to generate more money from sources other than Joe and Jane Taxpayer. That could assist in enabling the Government to provide the teachers with their wages, class size, and composition. But obviously the BCTF doesn’t like that IDEA.

    The BCTF’s long-held desire to go back to year 2000 tax levels in order to fund raises for its teachers, would gut most families financially – B.C. budget documents show a two-income family of four, making $90,000 per year, would pay $6,234 a year in provincial income tax, nearly double what they pay today. And the BCTF are hoping to make sure that happens.

    Settlement my foot!!! The only sense that I can make out of this is that: This has to be a move to get rid of the present Government. The BCTF want them out of office! It’s about political power and ONLY about political power. And that is why the Government can not and should not give in to the BCTF’s demands. PERIOD.

    • Well done Morris. But don’t forget it’s for the children – that is if you want your children to live in a lefty-Progressive society that kills industry and personal freedom. Anyone remember 1938?

      • Yes, 1938 was the time the Nazi’s used legislation to undermine the rights of Jews. Ultimately democracy in Germany was destroyed. Not saying there’s a parallel …… but you asked.

      • Skulker, Never, never mention ANY year before 1975 or Insite and the rest of the ” I’m for me firsters ” will condemn you and your thinking to the dark ages….

    • Also you left out that we are supposed to pay for their fertility treatments and we already pay for their massage therapy treatments. Did I miss anything?

      Since the teachers have had the right to strike the government has changed several times. The only consistent party is the BCTF and here we are with another strike and another excuse to bash our GOV.

    • Well said , the public should hear more about this . this union is against any progress , they say its for the children , well where do you think the money is coming from for all the frills you want for yourselves., if its for the children then settle with the elected government .

  2. Interesting that the BCFL is doing this, based on the comments on these blogs it would seem that a number of union members are trying to distance themselves from the BCTF..

  3. Wonder if jim iker and bctf members, jim sinclair and bc federation of labour members, mark hancock and cupe members, patti bacchus and vision members would all rally in support of more taxes so one small group can get a larger raise, better and more benefits than all the rest.

    • Not sure how one figures they are asking for more benefits than all the rest. The government says teachers are asking for twice what other unions received, just not sure what constitutes a benefit. Sure, massage, bonus, Viagra, whatever – but if you are repeating the government line regarding “twice as much,” I would like to know how that figure is arrived at. If it is included in the class composition/size, then that is just playing games with the truth. How bout give the teachers the same benefits as the MLA’s? I don’t even know what they are, but I bet teachers would be willing to roll the dice it is better than what they are getting. Are the teachers asking for more than Gordon Campbell is currently receiving courtesy of you and me?

      • What’s Gordon Campbell got to do with my question. Would these public sector workers rally to pay more taxes so teachers can get a larger piece of the pie. 300 million is not chump change and that’s what they’re apart. They’ve been offered the same as all the other unions but want more. So who’s going to pay for it? They chose their profession, if you or them want to run for public office go ahead. You know what the compensation is, you have that choice,.

      • Rick, go to the BCPSEA site and read what is there. You are intelligent enough to understand it.
        It is totally amazing that a number of people, mostly pro-BCTF, know so little of the dispute, but are in there pitching.
        Rick I don’t agree with a lot of your posts, but I do know you are one of the few that can read and process information and make an informed decision.
        Please do that.

  4. These people who side with this government that ripped up legal contracts and got routed twice in the BCSC and still think they are above the law! Democracy it only for the people who love Private Schools and politicians looking out for their friends and family, does RCI group come to mind, that generated 7 billion after being invited to going on the business junkets. An arm of the same company she was the Chair person to bring affluent International students to Vancouver little conflict I would say, but you supporters will Defend and deflect everything wrong with this Government. Recall can start on November, 17th, 2014.