VSB: schools likely won’t be open anytime soon

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VSB: schools likely won’t be open anytime soon

The Vancouver School Board is reminding parents there will be no school Tuesday, and likely not for a while.

Chair Patti Bacchus says it is frustrating the ongoing education dispute has derailed the scheduled start of school.

“We know binding arbitration isn’t particularly appealing to either party but it may be a way to get this dispute resolved. Our position is we need it resolved. We need students back in classrooms to get on with teaching and learning. If they can’t come up with some solution soon, they have had a long time to do it, I think we need to look to the parties to find another option.”

Bacchus says it looks pretty bleak right now and she can’t see schools being in anytime in the near future.

She says parents should make alternate plans to make sure kids who need supervision have it.


  1. The way the BCTF attack against the Taxpayer us unfolding demonstrates the complete arrogance of that organization. The only thing the BCTF is interested in is unjustified demand for for more taxpayer money.

  2. To the BCTF. The people of this province did not and I believe do not want an NDP gov’t. Why do you insist on pushing your politics on us.?? You were hired to teach, teachers. Why not do your job?

  3. So Ms. Bacchus , if this strike results in school closures for some time, are we to expect that you and all the other board members will take a pass on receiving your salaries , since there must be little to administer until schooling resumes ? Yeah right….