Dog poop creates stinky situation in Coquitlam

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Dog poop creates stinky situation in Coquitlam

A Metro Vancouver Mayor is looking for a solution to a stinky situation.

It’s not the end of the world but, Richard Stewart says it is revolting that dog owners continue to fling bags of doggy doo-doo into the trees, not the trash.

He checks the entrance to a well-used Coquitlam park a couple of times a year.

“Mundy Park, our largest park in Coquitlam, which is dog off leash every morning, has hundreds of dog poop bags near its entrance within ten feet of the trail, some hanging on bushes and things like that. It’s a disgusting greeting for visitors.”

Stewart jokes there must be fingerprints left on the bags to track down the few irresponsible dog owners.

But in reality, he says, they clearly need to educate dog owners that dog poop is not fertilizer for the forest – it carries e-coli and attracts rats.


  1. I had a neighbour once that always let his dog loose in the early a.m. True to form the dog usually pooped in my yard. Talking to him was to no avail . One day, I scooped the poop into,a paper bag, placed it by his front door, lit the bag on fire , rang the bell and waited. Said neighbour opened his door and proceeded to stomp on the burning bag in his slippers. Needless to say his dog never came back in my yard. My only regret… He wasn’t in his bare feet. Too bad we couldn’t apply this same tactic to these boors.

  2. Needless to say that lighting a fire shows who you are! I bet you really think that is so funny, like a true Liberal. You could now take photos or video and have the proof and they will act upon it also. Be responsible even if you are in the right, someone that does not clean after their dogs are not so good and could care less about you and responded with more than dog crap! Your Lucky I would say!

    • Ken280… You should try to smile a bit more , it’s good for your system and may even help to make you live a little longer… Incidentally, I can’t quite figure out what your rant is all about. Happily yours. M.

  3. Get a gallon jar and fillit full of water and put it in your front yard , it stops the dogs from craping in the yard . And put a garbage can in the trouble areas , on the trail , set up cameras and watch the a holes throwing the po .

    • Not so fast. I did exactly that. Dog owner assumed the worst (in that water) and gave our lawn a pencil line of round up. How would she know that it was just water? I recommend NOT doing that.