More leaks at BC Place?

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More leaks at BC Place?

Some people attending the Whitecaps game at BC Place Stadium got rained on, even though the retractable roof was closed.

Vancouver Miss 604 blogger Rebecca Bollwit says there was a steady drip coming down from the roof, creating a sort of splash zone for people sitting around where the water landed.

She says staff were quick to do what they could to help.

“First they had a garbage can up then they brought a bucket and then they brought a mop bucket and then some mop,” says Bollwit.

“I guess some mop pads around to contain the splashing and they offered to move the gentleman beside me and his three seats.”

The Pavilion Corporation, the crown corporation that operates BC Place, has not yet responded to questions about what caused the leak or how wide spread the problem is.

The stadium with the new roof opened in three years ago and had a number of problems with leaks soon after.


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  1. Dont forget the other untold 100s of millions that was also spent on the stadium for the olympics. So thats probably close to a billion spent on a stadium. Maybe someone could tell me these costs? A real slap in the face knowing a private company was going to build one in gastown with PRIVATE funding!!!! We will never use a 60,000 seat stadium. For what a couple football or soccer games, probably no more than 20,000 at the most for games and a lot of that money must go to the teams. Would like to know how many 100s of millions a year we are subsidizing Pavco, maybe Fassbender could comment on this, he never has any problem going on tv and opening his yap about anything else. No new money for education, maybe people can take their kids and leave them at the stadium while their at work. Oh yea cant afford that have to pay a bridge toll and 28% parking tax, along with 10% ICBC increase in two years. WHO WILL EVER BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS BOONDOGGLE?

  2. Wasn’t the cost just 550 mil. There’s your answer. We tried to cheap out on the roof. It is simply paying us back. God bless the Liberal Party of Super Natural BC. It is still Super Natural isn’t it?…a few tailings don’t matter…do they?

    • From perhaps $200 million dollars to over $600 million to a rectractable WORLD CLASS roof we got. Now the scramble is on to evade responsiblity for this mess.

      How was the contract awarded.

      Who made the decicions.

      WHY the cost over-run?

      Oh well, its money from fleecing the sheepo taxpayers, they still got money left for more waste