Suspicious fire destroys abandoned house in Surrey

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Suspicious fire destroys abandoned house in Surrey

Surrey Fire Department Battalion Chief Ed Wells says crews responded to another abandoned structure fire this morning at a house near 66th ave and Scott Road.

Wells says it’s a frustrating problem, with several fires cropping up recently in the hospital district where major re-development is underway.

“It’s a lot of effort and it ties up a a lot of resources that aren’t available for other emergencies”

Wells says it’s creating an increased workload for the department.

“I’d like to hope that they could speed up the process of demolition these buildings when they are on development sites so that there’s no opportunity for people to tie up resources by lighting them on fire.”

No one was hurt in this morning’s fire although the house, which was slated for demolition, is destroyed.


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  1. I guarded my neighbours house , untill it was torn down , and 3 times the cops pulled thieves out of there , My neighbour was afraid of arson , but every thing turned out all right .