UPDATES: Five in critical condition after tour bus crash on Coquihalla

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UPDATES: Five in critical condition after tour bus crash on Coquihalla

Witnesses describe the scene to Global News as a bloody scene straight out of a hollywood horror
Three hospitals in the interior initiated a Code Orange to deal with an influx of patients after a tour bus rolled over on the Coquihalla Highway near Merritt around 3pm Thursday.

Michaela Swan with the Interior Health Authority says 43 patients were transported to hospitals in Kamloops, Kelowna, and Merritt.

“We have five patients in critical condition, ten in serious condition, and 28 with non-life threatening injuries.”

Swan told CKNW earlier this evening “When a code orange is called we actually prepare the entire facility to receive an increase in patients so we bring in extra staff to our critical care units, which would be the emergency department, our lab, our diagnostic imaging, and then we look at the other areas of the hospital where we would be able to admit those patients that are injured.”

RCMP Sgt. Norm Flemming says the cause of  the single-vehicle accident is under investigation.

“Right now I really couldn’t tell you. I can pretty much rule out weather, unless wind is a factor, there is no sudden rain storms, it was pretty much clear skies and dry pavement.”

Highway five between Hope and Merritt has re opened after it was closed for several hours.

The bus was believed to be transporting tourists of Asian descent to the Vancouver area from the Okanagan.


*Photo courtesy Global News and Adam Hopewell


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  1. Another asian company responsible for a bus crash. How many times is this going to happen until these buses are checked better and these companies more regulated. I’m guessing the driver was working a 24 hour shift or some fool thing again which should be illegal! Clearly there is neglect going on among the asian operators. How many now in the past few years?

  2. I will be willing to bet anyone that this was due to speed.

    All bus drivers speed almost all the time and highway buses always speed. They are rarely not in the left lane.
    It is the direct result of a sense of impunity afforded to them because we are endlessly told that their mode of transportation is more righteous than others.

    Many times I have phoned bus company dispatchers to report significantly speeding buses.
    Its nothing to see them going 120-140 kph.

    Big offenders include BOLT BUS, Quick and Charter Bus Lines.

  3. And I have never in my life seen a bus get pulled over for speeding, and that is going right by radar at 20+ over the limit. Immunity for cab and bus drivers I guess.

  4. the truckers are speeding also one passed do at least 140+I was doing 130 in a 120 and was passed like standing still! Most are never in the right lane. Try camping as most camp sites are right beside the Highways they scream by at all hours of the night.

  5. Vancouver Sucks and Bruce;

    I think you are entirely incorrect on your generalizations unless you are referring to the make up of the ownership of these bus companies.
    Most bust drivers that I see speeding are white males, well over 50 years old with white collared shirts and black ties.

    I would love to hear (truthfully) from an ex-bus driver as to whether tour bus managers encourage speeding and left lane driving.