No charges in Vancouver Island punch-up involving an RCMP officer

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Charges will not be laid against a Vancouver Island Mountie in connection with an incident in November of 2012, during which a man suffered a significant facial injury while being arrested.

On the day of the arrest, Oceanside RCMP responded to a complaint of loud music in the area of Errington.

When the officer arrived he found a drunk resident of the home.

That man claims the Mountie punched him in the nose, and arrested him after he refused to produce identification.

Crown says charges are not being recommended because the testimony of the officer and three witnesses was inconsistent.

The matter was investigated by the Independent Investigations Office


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    • In order for people to lose respect means that they once did have respect. Interesting that if your statement is true, people used to have more respect for the RCMP back when the officers would actually take it upon themselves to inflict justice themselves instead of following through with criminal charges.

      Since police started trying to be make friends with the public instead of protecting the public and keeping the peace, the public has been losing respect. It’s not about police enforcing the law. The public respect that. It’s about the police nowadays trying to make friends with everybody.