UPDATES: Nine year old Surrey girl snatched from bed and sexually assaulted

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It’s a crime that will send chills up and down the spines of parents.

Surrey Mounties are issuing a public warning after a nine year old girl was allegedly abducted from her bed last night.

Sgt. Dale Carr says they received a frantic 911 call from the traumatized mother just before 11pm saying her daughter was snatched from the family home in the 9900 block of 128 street.

“The little girl, the nine year old girl, was lured out of her bedroom window by an unknown male, that male then took the girl to a nearby park, where it is alleged she was sexually assaulted, she was then taken to one of the nearby yards, left alone there, told to stay there, and as soon as the male was out of sight the little girl ran toward her home.”

Carr adds “We have set her up with medical professionals, she is getting the care that she absolutely needs, and we will continue to give that care through the coming days, weeks and months.”

Carr is warning the public to secure their windows- especially on the ground floor– until the suspect is caught.



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  1. That is horrible and such a disgusting act. That poor little girl. It is another reminder not to leave windows open all night (should that be the case). I guess no matter where you are you have to arm the house at not or install unsightly bars in the windows.

  2. This is absolutely horrid. Seems that a large number of people simply have zero respect for their fellow humans. The large number of assaults, shootings, knifings, along with the utter respect for the laws of society is sickening.
    Clearly, something has to change and that means tougher laws and penalties.

    To aggress against children is a crime of intolerable proportions and is the twerp is caught, maximum penalties must be imposed.

  3. This is such a sad story my prayers go out to this little girl and her family. What I can say is that my daughter was attached in our home in the middle of the night and it happened 5 years ago in Coq, So I can empathize with this story. But just stay strong and keep telling her that it wasnt her fault. And just love your daughter and let her talk when shes ready. There is light at the end of the this it wont be easy but but she will heal. My daughter was 12 and shes 18 now and shes amazing and doing well. Its going to be nightmares and a lot of guilt just remember you are victims and there was nothing you could have done. Im so sorry that in these times that our children are not safe in our homes. what is the world coming to. the man who attacked my daughter was given a 10 years which is good for canadian law. We need to start making these crimes easy to get released. tougher punishments .

    • Hi Tracy, my name is Shelby Thom, I am a reporter here at CKNW. Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story on our page. I’m interested in speaking with you about your words of encouragement for this family who is experiencing the hell you must have also gone through. I can be reached in the newsroom at 604 331 2766, and my email is Shelby.thom@corusent.com.

      Thanks for your time.


  4. Hopefully the cops catch the guy.
    And if he’s a repeat offender, out because some judge gave him a lenient sentence or the parole board let him out early, the repercussions should be felt all the way up the chain of our legal system.
    Ten years is not good enough.
    Sentences for this type of crime should be of sufficient length that neither this little girl nor Tracy’s daughter EVER have to worry about the creeps getting freedom in the girls lifetimes.
    In the 1940′s these guys would be hung- case closed- no more victims.

  5. There is no rehabilitation for these freaks. They have no personal boundaries for anything they do. The judges release them awaiting trial which is where it all starts to go wrong. Conditional sentences, probation. The crimianals that committ these dispicable acts thumb their nose at the system. If it was written into law that the crime involved held an automatic 25 year sentence, the crimes may or may not be as frequent as they are. What a broken system!