UPDATED: UBC settles Human Rights case in women’s soccer coach controversy

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UPDATED: UBC settles Human Rights case in women's soccer coach controversy

The lawyer representing UBC in a sex discrimination case says the issue had been solved.

Marc Rizzardo was taking the university to the BC Human Rights tribunal.

This, after he was announced as the women’s soccer coach in December of 2012, only to have the job taken away the next day.

The change came after the university received letters complaining UBC had hired a man for the job.

Andrea Neil, one of Canada’s best known female soccer players was eventually given the position.

UBC had always insisted the change was made because of flaws in the hiring process.

In an email, U-B-C lawyer Michael Wagner tells CKNW the case has been “resolved.”

He is not commenting further.

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  1. Being a older straight white male without lots of money definitely puts you into the category of ” well we’ll take him if no one else shows up ” . Just a bit of discrimination at every turn

    Is it any wonder that this country is so freakin’ bad at soccer.

    The exact same thing happens in the minor level only the disguise of the prejudice is different.

    Did you know that all rep teams for the season that begins next month have been picked for MANY months?
    Don’t they know that a 14 year old could gain 20 lbs and 3 inches over a summer spent in a European Football camp and be better than last year’s Gold players?
    Of course they do, but parents run Soccer clubs and they want their kid to play Gold. Its called streaming….no wonder we are 112th in the world.

    Consider another sport that we are pretty good at…hockey.
    The season also starts next month and rep team tryouts have not even started – because those kids are in hockey schools.

  3. It’s a bit tich to be whinning about having “all our human rights trampled” unless someone else’s human rights are trampled. Then it’s perfectly acceptable. Case in point-the BC Supreme Court has ruled twice that teachers’ rights were trampled. I know, it’s under appeal.

    But it is a fact how hypocrisy rules supreme. Then there are others who would care less.

      • It takes no longer than a heartbeat if one has the capability to focus on more than one subject at a time. It doesn’t work if you have a one -track mind, a closed mind….

        BTW, i wasn’t commenting on the teachers’ strike per se. I was just drawing your attention to the common denominator where one’s views are based on whose axe is being gored.

    • The learned ladies and gentlemen of the Supreme Court don’t always have it right, refer you to the latest from The SCOC regarding the Indians which affects us all greatly.

      • Murray- I happen to agree fully with the SCOC which recently ruled on the historic right of First Nations to territory they occupied and used before the white man “took” it away. This is a small step towards giving FNs peoples the right to own property.

        We are not there yet but It’s about time FNs people enjoyed the same property rights as everyone else. The right to own personal property has immediate advantages. including the ability to borrow money. Where would we be if we were unable to borrow money to finance our homes? This is what makes our economy tick.

        Fortunately we have an independent justice system intended to ensure that everyone’s rights that are enshrined in the Charter are not trampled. And that does not mean SCOC decisions will or should always favour the majority every time-each case needs to be judged on its own merits.

        Thanks for giving me the opportunaty to express my views.

  4. A little “Off” topic Site . . . but it is still before the courts . . . yes !

    Obviously a woman soccer star is deemed by the “all-knowing” at UBC, to be a better coach than a coach with proven credentials. Lets hope she does a better job than Gretski . . . lol