Union leader compares teachers’ strike to sex and The Arab Spring

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Some teachers are left scratching their heads after a bizarre letter sent out by the President of the Abbotsford Teachers’ Association comparing the teachers’ dispute to sex, The Arab Spring, and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The letter sent out by Doug Smuland begins with thanking members for participating in picket lines, it then goes on to say “Think for a moment what change the Arab Spring or the Occupy Wall Street protests would have likely engendered, had there been only a fraction of those present out in protest.”

He continues on to quote a historian, writing “Next to sex, the activity combining bodily experience and intense emotion to the highest degree is the participation in a mass demonstration…”

It finishes with further directions about picketing.


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    • Ha ha. You seem disturbed that you actually have idiots on your team.
      Obviously it’s way over the top and right over the deep end, but it is from the President – and right there on letterhead, so I think at least he and even those he represents think it’s relevant.
      He didn’t just type something and press “send” without fully thinking through the relevancy like some of us here. He surely thought it over, bounced it off some around him and had someone type it up and distibute it.
      So, ya. Why wouldn’t it be relevant – especially with all that’s going on? If the shoe was on the other foot you’d be the first in line to argue that point. Right?

  1. Don’t lump other unions for this letter. Only the BCFT, which is the most militant left wing organization in BC. According to latest polls, 60% of parents support the teachers. That shows how effective BCTF propaganda has brainwashed parents.

  2. Well, this guy wins the prize of the day for worst inspirational speech. He should learn to keep his mouth shut and keep pen in pocket. All he has done is advertise publicly just how ignorant he is. An insult to all good teachers. People like this are the reason teachers are considered to have lost their professionalism and the respect of so many of us (including those of us who belong to other unions!).

  3. Okay, so how will Ken280 and Insite defend this one? Let’s hear it.

    This Abbotsford Teachers Assc president is…something else. I hope he doesn’t take the route of comparing this to a big impact in world history.

  4. This guy and others may consider himself learned, but he sure ain’t got any ” street smarts”. In fact I would say he was dumber than a sack of hammers but I don’t want to insult any hammers out there….

  5. This just reveals and is reflective of the thought processes (or lack thereof) that sees many of the far left joining with groups like Arab Spring and ‘Occupy’ in an effort to destroy freedom and our economic system – and your hard-earned tax money is a source of funding for this. You want to see where this is going, take a look across our border and “Obama’s people” (I’m not talking race here) and their associations with radical Islam and the evil that is the Progressive movement and their support of Common Core.

    Take the time to look up the British Marxist, Eric Hobsbawm, who is quoted in Smuland’s letter?

    This letter (Smuland’s) better be a ‘wake up moment’ for parents. If this isn’t a reason for our elected officials to dig their heels in against public sector unions and for supporting funding for providers of alternative systems of education in our province then I don’t know what is.

  6. Why. do we need to defend anything, it’s not the NDP is it? You yahoo’s will defend anything that will take your Liberals down a notch, even breaking laws! Go figure the righteous defending a government that has us a 100 billion+ in debt and climbing and makes a deal with the Chinese for $$$ to back building LNG along with the Chinese workforce to build the LNG’s, Jobs, Jobs, for everyone in the world, but BC’ers unless sending Liberal $$$.

    • Look over there! A distraction!
      Nice try Ken. Other than the Liberal Progressives or those at the trough, I don’t know anyone that defends all the spending of this government and support of a large intrusive government. But Ken, you don’t have to defend the NDP? Give me a break. The NDP and public sector unions are inexorably linked. How much did these unions spend of their members money to try to get the unelectable elected?

      They are also linked with a Progressive mindset that blindly supports communism at worst; hard-line socialism at best – of course all on the taxpayer’s dime. Now it seems this has crossed the line into aligning themselves with Arab Spring, ‘Occupy’ and Marxists like Eric Hogwash. The Progressive left are now revealing to us exactly what they are. So, Kenny the ball IS in the NDP’s, public union’s and teacher’s court. Please try to defend Smuland; since he seems to represent the ideology of the Progressive Left you better; ’cause this one ain’t going away just by pointing out the deficiencies of the Progressive Liberals.

  7. If this is the sort of dip s–t the teachers elect in Abbotsford, imagine for a moment, the peculiar behavior in his classroom or many classrooms, for that matter. Many teachers can be “different” but this takes the cake. Doug should maybe think about a creative writing course, appropriate for the situation, not fantasy. Sheesh!

  8. Lets us not forget, they advertise themselves as a “social justice” Union?
    Read their declaration on Social Justice. These are scary things that these Teachers are filling our students head with.
    Does anyone really want these crazies teaching our children. It is time to find out just what is being taught in the classrooms across B.C.

  9. A little more on the man the teacher is a fan of . . . . disturbing ?
    Eric Hobsbawm took part in one of the most extraordinary conversations ever on British television. Speaking in 1994 to the author Michael Ignatieff about the fall of the Berlin Wall five years earlier, the historian was asked how he felt about his earlier support for the Soviet Union.
    If Communism had achieved its aims, but at the cost of, say, 15 to 20 million people – as opposed to the 100million it actually killed in Russia and China – would Hobsbawm have supported it? His answer was a single word: ‘Yes’.
    He was awarded a Companion of Honour by Tony Blair – one of the highest accolades it is possible to bestow upon a British intellectual. A professor of history, he was regularly lionised on the BBC and in the liberal newspapers as our ‘greatest’ historian.
    It is true he modified his hard-line support for Stalin and his death-camps as the years went by. The elderly Hobsbawm was not the same person who, in 1939, co-wrote a pamphlet defending not only Stalin but Hitler, too – and justifying the Nazi-Soviet pact to carve up Poland and dominate Eastern Europe.
    Hobsbawm himself will sink without trace. His books will not be read in the future. They are little better than propaganda, and, in spite of the slavish language in the obituaries, are badly written.
    What his death tells us, however, is that the liberal establishment that really runs this country has learned no lessons from history. It is still prepared to bow down and worship a man who openly hated Britain – and who knowingly wrote lies.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2211961/Eric-Hobsbawm-He-hated-Britain-excused-Stalins-genocide-But-traitor-too.html#ixzz3BnY7P3NS

    • My son . . . a recent high school graduate had a similar teacher in Grade 12.
      Who was spouting similar nonsense while wearing his Che T-shirt.
      On parent teacher night I confronted him, he was a 40-something and had little understanding of the 20th century Geo-political world.
      I gave him Fontova’s Book on his idol Che . . . which he read. And I supplied him with a well-written thesis on the creation of fascism.
      Unfortunately this faulty view of history is not uncommon today.

  10. I think they are all nuts , and their party of Marks , and Lennin , is more like
    Grocho Marks And John Lennin . and instead of left of center , it’s more like DUM and DUMMER .

    • Actually George . . . from my contact with many under 30s today . . . Marxism is making a comeback today. Is that because we no longer teach History in our schools today?

      Marxism was easily the single biggest failure of the 20th century, 10s of millions died.

      The old axiom “history repeats itself” . . . plays out once again on the ignorant and the uninformed !