Kinder Morgan begins survey work on Burnaby Mountain

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Kinder Morgan begins survey work on Burnaby Mountain

Kinder Morgan has begun its survey work on Burnaby Mountain, where it could build a tunnel to allow for its proposed expansion of the TransMountain oil pipeline.

Company officials took reporters to one of the survey sites today, saying their key priority is to develop plans to protect the environment and nearby residents.

“We need to be able to do seismic studies so in order to do that we need to have a path cleared, so that the guys can get out and run those site lines,” says spokesperson Carey Johannesson.

He says there’s still a lot of work to be done and they don’t expect a final decision on the proposal to be made until late 2016.

The National Energy Board ruled last week Kinder Morgan can go ahead with its studies on the mountain without the city’s permission.

The City of Burnaby, meanwhile, is asking for support from the Union of BC Municipalities on the matter.  


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    • Yes lets destroy Douglas Channel as quickly as we can so we don’t have to worry about that pristine area anymore .
      We need to get cheap oil to Communist China to accelerate their economy.

      • It would help if you and the rest of the naysayers did some research on the frequency of marine accidents compared to the number of ships plying restricted waterways , such as the English Channel or even the areas in and out of Vancouver and Seattle. The restrictions are so tight for plying the waters in and out of Kitimat that I am surprised that any company would agree to them.
        If you expect you or your cohorts ( and any offspring ) to continue to enjoy what we have here in health care, education , and the high standard of living, resource development is absolutely essential. Cause that’s what pays the freight.
        Regarding China, check around and see how many items in your place are made there. If you don’t want them to use our oil, stop demanding their manufactured goods.
        Finally, if you think transportation by railcar is safer than either marine tankers or pipelines you are really off base.

      • Douglas Channel is a deep sea port Today . . . . as in right now . . . Trev.
        Ships are sailing in and out. Did you know Douglas Channel is THREE MILES wide?

        And Trev . . . we buy Billions of Dollars of Chinese manufactured goods every year . . . it should make sense to even YOU . . . that we sell them something as well. In the real world Trev . . . if we sell them Billions of Dollars of Gas and Oil . . . the people in the “Know” call that a Balance of Trade . . . and a huge benefit for Canada and ALL its citizens. . . . Even YOU ! ! !

    • Bruce . . . today China is by far the leading polluter on the planet. Are you interested in China becoming CLEANER?
      How will they do that Bruce?

      Were you aware Bruce that last year more new cars were sold in China than in ALL of North America?
      Are you aware Bruce that if China can replace coal with Natural Gas and Oil . . . their emissions levels will be CUT by a very large percentage?

      Since we import 10s of thousands of manufactured items from China every year, many of which YOU have, Do you not agree that we should sell them something that will clean up their environment and put dollars in Canadian coffers?

      I am sure the Chinese Air Force has no shortage of fuel . . .

  1. Ah yes, Kinder Morgan. If you’re an investor you want to love them. If you’re a resident of beautiful British Columbia working in the tourism trade? Not so much. Lets go bitumen! Lets go fracking!

    Our politician’s and corporation’s God is money. Yes we need jobs. Without an environment there won’t be any. Kinder Morgan’s track record sucks. Look it up.

    • Resource development jobs pay way more than tourism jobs. Resource jobs are usually unionized while tourism jobs are non-union and pay minimum wage.
      As for the comment “God is money”, do you work for free? How can an economy run without money?
      Jobs are more important than the environment because people has to live and eat. What good is the environment by itself if you don’t use it for human’s benefit? We would still be living in caves if the environmentalists have their way.

    • David . . . fracking has been going on in Canada since the 1940s . . . . there has NEVER been ONE Case in which there has been a problem. If there was you would have posted it here.

      Pipelines are by far the Safest way to transport oil . . . so your tourists can drive around the province and fill their gas tanks. Are you so detached from reality that you don’t realize that we have had pipelines for many decades?

      No pipelines = Rail Transport . . . much safer in YOUR mind . . . LOL

  2. To all of you who have responded or will respond….. I have tried to keep an open mind about your concerns and opinions regarding the risks to our environment by tankers and pipelines, all I request is that you do the same to those of us whom advocate these projects for the benefits provided to our Country by them.

  3. The deal is done! To say that there is still a lot of work to do before the final decision is made in2016 is being disingenuous….I mean, really, does anyone think that once the work gets started that Kinder Morgan is going to be told to go away?

    And seismic studies mean looking at the shock waves that come back after a minor perturbation in the soil (aka dynamite charge)!!!

    • There will still be a Supreme Court challenge. Nothing will happen for some time other than Kinder Morgan mountain testing. It is good to see so many folks actually do give a damn about our environment and are will to stand up and be counted. Good Canadian stock.

      • Get REAL David . . . there are 100s of thousands of miles of pipelines in North America . . . Canada and the US are likely amongst the Cleanest on the Planet. Pipelines are by far the safest method to transport oil and gas. In fact David, if you are old enought to vote and have a house, there is a pipeline right to your basement wall bringing in Natural Gas to heat your home.
        Affordable fossil fuels enable us to live LONG and comfortable lives . . .

        China has very few pipelines . . . . perhaps you should check them out!