Dog kicker to donate $100,000 to prevent animal cruelty

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Dog kicker to donate $100,000 to prevent animal cruelty

A man who was caught on tape kicking a dog is donating a huge sum of cash to prevent animal mistreatment.

Des Hague, the CEO of sports catering company Centreplate, will donate $100,000 towards setting up a Vancouver foundation for animal protection and will complete 1,000 hours of community service.

This, after the board of directors at his New York-based company reviewed the incident, in which Hague was caught on tape kicking a Doberman puppy in a downtown Vancouver elevator.

The board says Hague is now also on indefinite probation, meaning he’ll get fired for any more misconduct.

Hague still faces animal cruelty charges.

He has apologized to his clients and employees, saying it was “out of character.”

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  1. Besides trying to buy his way out , he must be American or some thing , Shouldn’t be alowed to own a dog like that , Dobies are nice dogs , jf trained properly , they can be vishous if abused , and being a pupy , that’s even worse . Set up the speed bag and punch the crap out of it , Releave your pent up anger ,

  2. I say let this story go. He got caught and has apologized. I imagine there’s alot more animal abusers out there that we’ll never know about. Big brother is watching, people!

  3. Boycott Centreplate for having a scumbag in their midst. I will personally not rest until this person receives the same actions to himself that he dished out on this helpless puppy. He needs to know that every action has a consequence and I will be looking to discuss this in person with him. Beware my friend. You can’t buy your way out of every situation….