CP Rail suspends track work on Arbutus Corridor

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“We’ve agreed to meet and discuss the future of the Arbutus Corridor.”

That’s music to the ears of many garden owners who are against CP Rail repairing tracks along the corridor.

The City of Vancouver released a statement this morning saying track work has been suspended because both sides are going to sit down and talk.

CP Spokesperson Breanne Siegel wouldn’t give much detail about why now – after telling residents to clear their stuff from CP Land along the corridor and already having begun work on the tracks – they’ve stoppped all of that and decided to talk with the city.

“CP is a willing participant in these meetings and we’ve always said that if there was an opportunity to have some productive discussions that we’d be willing to do so, and this is that opportunity.”

In the statement, the City says both sides will sit down in the next two or three weeks.


  1. So how much is moonbeam going to cost the tax payers of Vancouver on this one?
    And not just the chosen people eating veggies grown in the soil that over the years have seen a lot of creosote leach out from the ties.!!!!

  2. The Mayor blinked. Shock, surprise … not really.

    Since the beginning of time Canadian Pacific has the whip hand and no amount of bluster, posturing or pleading works. Check their track record in dealings with the City of Vancouver (or Calgary or Regina or Winnipeg or Victoria) since the city was founded. With CP It’s all about the money no sense of community or good corporate relations. CP is almost universally despised by the public and they will ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of their shareholders.

    Hold on to your seats, if the city sticks to only $20 million to pay then a compromise/ accommodation will have to be made with CP.

    If the mayor cuts a quick deal with CP he will lose the election in November as he will need to mortgage the city and stick it to the taxpayers on the east side to bale out the hobby gardeners along the Arbutus Corridor.

    A deal will be done but do not expect an announcement of the deal until Spring 2015.

    Assuming the Mayor sticks to his $20 million, let’s talk about CP commercially developing the rail line heading south, between Fir St and Maple St, Broadway to 33rd Ave, 37th Ave to 64th Ave.

    The city likely can afford buy the pieces south of 64th Ave to Hudson Street, the bits along Arbutus/Napier and north of 5th Ave to the Burrard St Bridge. The gardners south of 64th Ave, north of 37th Ave to 33rd Ave and those in Kits north of Broadway to Maple get to keep their gardens.

    This may be the best case scenario.

  3. Will Vancouver taxpayers get to vote on the possibility of city hall spending millions of our taxes on the railway track or is it an other ‘deal’ that gets pushed trough like for example the Athletes Village?

    The QUESTION apparently was not asked from CPR if that railway line did actually get REPAIRED so it is up to Transportation Ministry Safety Standards what will CPR transport on the line? and since there’s a section under the Granville Bridge that was sold to I think Starbucks HOW will them freight trains go from CPR rail yard to Maring Dr and perhaps trough the old railway bridge to Richmond? Is CPR willing to SPEN who knows how much money to repair the line that is BLOCKED at one place?

    Questions, questions ,questions…