Diversity within Metro Vancouver’s Muslim population helps prevent radicalization

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Diversity within Metro Vancouver's Muslim population helps prevent radicalization

Authorities are honing in on Canadians travelling overseas to fight with terrorist groups like ISIS.

So far the attention appears to be on Eastern Canada but what makes Metro Vancouver’s Muslim community different?

Last month charges were laid against a Burnaby man, but for the most part the focus on preventing radicalization has been in Ontario and Quebec.

SFU’s Andre Gerylomatos says the muslim community here has a more moderate Asian influence, but he thinks that could change.

“Think of it as a wave…it first hits the East Coast, and slowly slowly moves Westward…it will happen here.”

Itrath Syed grew up in Vancouver’s muslim community.

She thinks it has more to do with isolation.

“They don’t represent people in their communities…they are generally people who are estranged.”

Syed adds there may be a better chance of radicalization in larger communities, simply because there are more people.


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  1. It seems a number of people from Calgary have also shipped off to the ME . . . one is believed to have been killed in Iraq last week.
    There was also a demonstration in Calgary a month ago that got somewhat violent, a number who disagreed were beaten and went to hospital . . . this is very un-Canadian and thankfully the Calgary police are finally on the case.

    As a Canadian, I have zero tolerance for this type of behaviour . . .

  2. If good people do nothing then evil is triumphant. Its too easy to blame the internet for influencing s these men, it’s a lot more than that.
    What goes on in the mosques and schools is anyone teaching tolerance of other religions and Canadian society in general. Its time for good people to stand up within their communities in a respectful way and challenge some of the hard line views

    • Absolutely right – passive behaviour will allow evil to grow. Canadian Christian Churches are opening their doors in tolerance and support, offering an alternative to a religion that is based on rigid intolerance and subjugation

  3. Just a matter of time unless our government and immigration laws get tougher.
    We shouldn’t be afraid of deporting radicals and stripping their Canadian citizenship if they in fact are immigrants to Canada.

  4. One of the characteristics of immigration involves the fine logic of ‘birds of a feather flock together’ as the old saying goes. That seems to be true almost everywhere. Asians, Africans, Latinos, Italians etc., tend to relate to one another as opposed to the full acceptance of the greater community. That too is one of the problems with the First Nations. A lot has to do with language and obviously culture.
    The radicalization issue, currently exhibited in the world by tribes of the Islamic faith is a difficult one. A good number of nations are wrestling with the problem, especially in Europe. In one sense the ‘melting pot’ concept is breaking down.

    Why this occurs and how to nullify same is I think a hard nut to crack.

  5. So much hate and violence in the world is around defending who’s imaginary God is better than the other’s. I hope in a generation or two people will wake up.

    • I seem to recall John . . . the 20th Century Atheists killed more of their population than ALL of the Western Democracies added together. Check it out John . . . atheistic communism was responsible for the deaths of 10s of millions . . .