Grievance filed over exorbitant University private health care plan

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Grievance filed over exorbitant University private health care plan

The Teaching Support Staff Union at Simon Fraser University has filed a grievance with the post secondary school claiming international students are getting gouged by its private health insurance provider.

“This is causing international students to pay two or three times what international students are paying at other comparable Universities and we don’t think that’s right.”

Derek Sahota says international students, including some of its members, are automatically enrolled in the expensive health plan at 353 dollars for four months– compared to around 150 bucks at other Universities.

Sahota thinks SFU picked the provider for the financial incentive.

“SFU is receiving 5% back from the provider, and we noticed in the other bids, some of which are much more affordable, do not include a financial incentive.”

Sahota says it’s tough to opt-out.

“We have filed a grievance with SFU and we will go to an arbitration hearing in December, we hope to resolve it at that point, but we always rather resolve it my settling beforehand, so we need SFU to look at what has gone wrong and come up with a new solution.”

An arbitration hearing is set for December.

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