Bus drivers to get Plexiglas shields in new pilot project

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Bus drivers to get Plexiglas shields in new pilot project

WorkSafeBC and transit agencies are funding ten Plexiglas shield prototypes to be tested in a pilot project on Metro Vancouver buses, to be rolled out later this year.

Says Unifor Local 111 president Nathan Woods: “These barriers are needed simply because there are no engineered mechanisms to prevent assaults against transit operators.”

Assaults against bus drivers have been on the rise in Metro Vancouver, prompting Transit Police to step up their patrols.

“While we could incorporate training or legislative changes, there needs to be an engineered device to protect the transit operators,” Woods says. “Right now, there is no barrier against a sucker punch, a spitting, or any time of sexual assault.”

Woods says operator and passenger input will be considered before a full roll out.

A similar pilot project will be launched by BC Transit in Victoria.


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  1. I don’t see that would be welcome by the drivers , it gets prity hot in those busses , in summer time , the way it is now you have 2 drivers , one driveing and one standing behind the driver . usualy in front of the red line , and B S ES , with the driver , One of these days some thing bad is going to happen because the driver was distracted ,By the fool standing in a restricted area behind him shooting the poop .

  2. Wow! At least 20 years behind on everything in this province. New York, Toronto, most of G.B. have systems that have been in action, in some cases 50 years. Turnstiles is one of the first and most effective when it come to rapid transit stations. This place is a joke. And lets take a look at the shelter etc at Broadway and Commercial. $60 million. Who is quoting these jobs? Lets just say material is $5m hypothetically, how is $55m justified. Cant possibly be wages…can it??

    • Robbie: Calling this place “a joke” – as Archie Bunker said (one of my non-PC heroes – yes I know it’s a character on a TV series) you could be sued for definition of character.

  3. I can’t believe the transit union has been dragging it’s heels with this issue. It complains about assaults but have been very slow to adopt some sort of barrier.