Young woman sues Williams Lake RCMP for alleged assault

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Young woman sues Williams Lake RCMP for alleged assault

A young woman from Williams Lake is suing the RCMP in that city, accusing them of beating her up when she was 17.

Jamie Haller claims she was running from a gang in 2011 when she was arrested and assaulted.

A judge cleared the officer who arrested her, Constable Andy Yung, of any wrongdoing.

But he did admit to punching the teen — after she allegedly wrapped her legs around his head.

Haller has now launched a civil suit, claiming she suffered a hemorrhage of her eye, blurred vision and psychological distress.

None of her allegations have been proven in court.


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  1. It seems that the police have changed in dealing with people in general. Years ago the beating’s were casual and took place in the drunk tank and 4+cops would punch the be- Jesus out of guys for just be there! drunk or not, funny when an arresting officer was the prosecutor, young men did not have the money for a lawyer and just entered a guilty plea for things like causing a disturbance by swearing. Some justice for so many from small towns and got a criminal record to boot!

    • You are right ! There were lots of times that prisoners tripped while being escorted and ended up with bruises and missing teeth….amazing what was common behaviour a few decades ago !