If Tiger Woods is in the news, the Apocalypse can wait

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If Tiger Woods is in the news, the Apocalypse can wait

Tiger Woods is out of golf until December at the earliest, yet once again he makes the news yesterday for his parting of the ways with swing coach Sean Foley.

Foley and Woods have been together for four years and Tiger has not won a major tourney in that time, so therefore it must be Foley’s fault.  Hunter Mahan won this past week’s PGA playoff tourney, the Barclay’s…he must have stolen Woods’ mojo.

As has Justin Rose, who won the 2013 US Open…if Rose hadn’t have won that event, it would have been Tiger’s tourney to win, and he now would have 15 majors…damn you Justin Rose! Both Rose and Mahan are Foley pupils.

What I am getting at here is that the fall of civilization may occur in our lifetime…and when it does we will all hear about it…unless Tiger Woods is in a tourney.

Dick’s Sporting Goods in the US recently sited the decline of Tiger Woods game as one of the reasons it laid off EVERY PGA golf professional working at every one of their locations across America…what a crock.

There are articles written about the end of the golf industry as we know it, yet places like Northview, who hasn’t had a PGA event in over a decade, are thriving and haven’t been affected, the West Coast Golf Group and GolfBC continue to steam along nicely and a course like the brand new Pagoda Ridge, which has been open now for two years, has flourished in the Tiger Woods melancholy.

The Vancouver Golf Tour has added more events than ever before and has a three day event in the Fraser Valley this weekend showcasing three courses that are doing just fine thanks…and you are all invited to play in it.

Golf is doing just fine and will do so with or without Tiger Woods…so let’s just move on.

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