College claims another man is illegally treating dental patients

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College claims another man is illegally treating dental patients

More details have been released about a man accused of illegally practicing dentistry in Vancouver.

Chao Ming Guan is one of two men identified by BC’s College of Dental Surgeons as offering services without being registered.

The other man’s file is still sealed, but a judge has granted the college’s request for a temporary injunction barring Guan from practising dentistry.

Lawyers for the college plan to seek a permanent injunction.

In June, two East Vancouver offices were raided and shut down after tips from the public provided enough evidence for a search.


  1. I have some extractions to get, where do I sign up for this guy! My dentist wants more than $200 for a tooth pulled. These people are dentist in their respective countries not someone walking off the street and saying they can fix your teeth. This is protectionism from an unregulated body that should be regulated, we have many people with costly dental work that is unaffordable for them and most of you have dental plans, just wait until this starts to interfere with other health issues and the medical treatments climb for us all because the government loves part time workers with no benefits.

    • Canada is known globally as a destination of opportunity….unfortunately by all the wrong ways and means. Canada’s immigration governance is useless and ineffectual.

      Ken280 if you need dental work you cannot afford, contact UBC Dentistry.
      (604) 822-2112. Do not encourage this type of curbside medical care.