We’re learning more about the dog beater caught on video last week

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We're learning more about the dog beater caught on video last week

The crown corporation operating B-C Place and the Vancouver Convention Centre is reacting, after the CEO of its caterer was caught on surveillance video kicking a dog.

Last year, PavCo paid Centerplate 20.5-million dollars.

The catering company’s CEO Des Hague released an apology to Global News, after he was captured kicking a dog in a downtown Vancouver elevator.

In a statement to Global, PavCo says it is aware of the SPCA’s investigation and is deeply concerned, but is respecting the court process and will not be commenting.

It adds, the video does not reflect the service Centerplate’s employees have delivered.

The statement mirrors one issued by True North Sports and Entertainment that runs the MTS Centre and the Winnipeg Jets, which also have contracts with Centreplate.


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  1. Are you not accepting my comment because this person is a CEO! He apologized because he was caught!!! He abused his dog and should be charged. The dog should be taken away from him. Jail time and community service in an animal shelter is appropriate!!! Also to treat an animal the way he did shows he has some problems.

  2. This individual is sorry because he was caught and saying your sorry is the politically correct and right thing to do. Wether a CEO or an unemployed homeless person, there is no excuse for the behaviour “caught” on camera.
    We do however, expect more from CEOs and those who are well compensated for the positions they have chosen. Stress in a job is no excuse, period.
    Although I doubt anything will come of it, jail time – not probation – would truly punish this individual if that’s what is required. Community service at a shelter would also enhance his perspective.