Trial over public vs. private healthcare in B.C. delayed again

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Trial over public vs. private healthcare in B.C. delayed again

The long-awaited trial to determine whether private health care in British Columbia should no longer be restricted has been delayed again.

The judge has agreed to adjourn the case for another six months.

“The trial was supposed to start on September the 8th. If there is a trial, it will start on March the 2nd.”

Allison Tremblay is a lawyer representing several patients who claim they were illegally charged a fee for services deemed medically necessary at private clinics operated by Dr. Brian Day.

“It’s taken a long time to get here, and now, we’re looking at yet another delay.”

Both sides now have more time to resolve issues aimed at shortening the length of the trial when it finally does start.

Lawyers for the clinic operators have yet to return phone calls.

As the case dating back to 2008 drags on, Christine Sorenson with the BC Nurses’ Union says Monday’s adjournment means alleged violations being committed by the Vancouver-based Cambie Surgeries Corporation will continue.

“The physicians and the other health care professionals who work at these facilities, they can’t be at two places at the same time. The more that they’re going to work for these profit clinics, the longer the wait times are going to be in our public facilities, so we want the opportunity to say why these are not a benefit to the people of British Columbia.”

Sorensen says, if the private operators win the case, the public could end up paying hefty premiums for services no longer covered by Medicare.


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    • Cast your mind way back John . . . back to the thriving 90s . . . lol
      That is when this Clinic opened . . . under the watchful eyes of the NDP.

      Like going to a Jaguar Dealership . . . if you don’t like the prices . . . don’t go there.

      This case will fail . . . this is about Freedom to conduct a legal business . . .

      “Can’t be in two places at the same time” . . . that is just nonsense, if you can’t get an operating room in a local hospital . . . that means NO Operation . . . is the Nurses Union now on par with the BCTF?

      Reality is folks, Canada’s wonderful system is 30th on the Planet . . . why don’t we look at other models that are say top 10? Like say France, Switzerland . . . where Private and Public compete, with the same fee being paid in both jurisdictions . . . and they have NO wait times.
      This is more about Unions protecting their turf . . . than concern for the public.

  1. This one I don’t understand. We have private health care in this province. Every doctor in the province is a business. I have talk to a number of them now that are only part time doing medicine because of being clawed back fees. I know many that only work 2 days a week because if they work any more its for free. So what do they do to supplement their income cosmetic surgery (Fee for service). Skin rejuvenation, ETC. If they could charge there might be more doctors available.
    If you get a vaccination for travel that is a fee, Physical for work that is not covered by medical either. So what is the big deal about private medicine. Or are you afraid that if someone can pay for an MRI and prove they need an operation that the systems has to pay for that that is queue jumping because Fraser heath has a 6 month waiting list for MRI’s. I think more the issue is that we need timely health care not whether it is public or private.