Help needed for Surrey families burned out of homes

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Help needed for Surrey families burned out of homes

A Surrey city councillor is calling on the community to help out the families burned out of their Whalley homes early Sunday morning.

Barinder Rasode says the 20 or so families have been given temporary housing mainly in the Guildford area but now they need permanent homes and new belongings.

“I think it’s really important for families who have lost the roof over their head and all of their belongings to be able to get back on their feet quickly and I think a fundraising initiative is something that is really important right now.”

The fire at the four-storey building on Hilton Road isn’t considered suspicious.


  1. This may be considered a radical concept, but there is something in our world called insurance. Many insecure people like ourselves invest in insurance to protect ourselves from such events. Don’t call me to work the bake table.

    • Ms Rasode is trying desperately to find an issue she can get some publicity on , in the lead up to the fall elections .
      You remember her don’t you ? She’s the Surrey Councillor that decided to live large on the taxpayers expense at the last UBCGM , and stay at a downtown hotel , rather than go back to Surrey with the rest of the working stiffs … its just too far too go if you have to be back down town the next morning don’t you know !!