Children’s rights watchdog wants fewer First Nations kids taken from their parents

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Children's rights watchdog wants fewer First Nations kids taken from their parents

BC’s Children and Youth Representative hopes premiers across the country will take quick action to lower the rate of First Nations children being taken away from their parents.

“Not only bring the numbers down, but prevent abuse and neglect of those children.”

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond agrees with retired judge Ted Hughes, who extensively studied the child welfare system in this province and Manitoba, and has been demanding action since June.

“B.C., of course, doesn’t have to wait. We could, at minimum, have some protections against domestic violence on reserves. In particular, have some child support enforcement on reserves. That would be a good step that they could act on and show some leadership, but I do look forward to the outcome of these discussions.”

Her comments come as Premier Christy Clark and other provincial leaders get ready for this week’s Council of the Federation meeting in Charlottetown.

More than half the kids in government care in this province are aboriginal, but B.C.’s First Nations population is less 5.5 per cent.


  1. Well well, our four named children’s advocate comes out with another (right on schedule) regular instalment of “we must do more to protect our children”. Tell you what Christie, I’ll issue the same press releases for half of what you’re paying her. I wonder if she’s even spent a day in any of the foster care homes that these youth are housed in.

  2. First Nations are a Federal responsibility.
    And they should also be the responsibility of their hereditary chiefs, the elected chiefs and council as well as the elders and everyone else in their community.
    So – what are they doing to address the plight of First Nations children?

    • “So – what are they doing to address the plight of First Nations children?”

      Pouring 10s of Billions of our tax dollars into the “Indian Industry” . . . much of that gets sucked up by the bureaucracy, lawyers and indian Chiefs.

      Does this 19th century model need to change? You Bet . . . and set the captives free.

  3. A number of problems I see here ……. Am I to assume that the Ministry has been taking children away from parents for no good reason ??? How is the Gov. to protect these people when their workers are greeted by Natives armed with guns telling them that they are not wanted ???? (As was the case with the abused 14 year old girl).

  4. This whole thing sounds like a scam , If a child is being abused by it’s parents , than what are you going to change , besides nothing , And Manitoba is a problem , because proper foster homes are hard to find , i grew up with native brother’s and sisters , and they are like any body , life is what you make it .

  5. Why is the chiefs and council not held accountable along with the parents surely its not a secrete what is happening on the reserves to women and children .What about the native police force. And where are the esteemed elders, do these children not have any grandparents or other relatives that can step in.

    • Good questions. We constantly hear government is far too big and expensive while at the same time we demand even more government involvement and money thrown at problems that families and local communities are ignoring.