Salmon BBQ planned for tonight in Oppenheimer Park

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Salmon BBQ planned for tonight in Oppenheimer Park

500 salmon will be on a barbecue this evening at Oppenheimer Park as the group of homeless campers show no sign of leaving despite the city of Vancouver’s eviction order.

An estimated 150 people call the Downtown Eastside park home, and elder Stella August told Global News she’s hoping city leaders will attend tonight’s feast to engage in discussion towards a  resolution that works for both parties.

“We need the politicians to open their eyes and their hearts and minds. We’re top priority. We should never be here at all to begin with.”

Campers have told the city of Vancouver they plan on staying until social housing spaces become available.

The City of Vancouver continues to monitor the park and the campers daily.


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  1. The Big Cheese is watching you ; poverty is worth alot of money , so lets keep them poor , and subject them to a life of dispare , while we rake in the big wages provideing services to them .
    Like the old saying goes , Gas Grass or Ass , no one rides for free .