Picket lines going back up in Kamloops, Langley and Vancouver next week

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Picket lines going back up in Kamloops, Langley and Vancouver next week

Local teachers are getting ready to ramp up job action again next week.

You can expect to see more of them setting up picket lines in Kamloops, Vancouver and Langley.

Langley Teachers’ Association President Gail Chaddock-Costello says planning is in the works.

“We will be setting up picket lines again as we still don’t have a deal. Until we have a deal, until we know we have something to bring to the members to ratify, than we are on strike. The government has kindly lifted the lockout for us to work for free, but at this point in time we are in job action so teachers should not be in schools.”

Members of the Vancouver Secondary Teachers Association have also confirmed all secondary schools will be behind picket lines starting Tuesday.

Key decisions on how union leaders move forward will be made at a special meeting tonight (Friday).



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  1. Driving to meet a client yesterday, I passed a school and happened to catch eyes with a teacher cheerfully putting pictures on her classroom windows. (I’d best not say which school) I flashed a quick smile with a wave and she responded with the same. A nice moment. Let’s hope Iker finally gets a long overdue dose of reality so they can get back to teaching soon. More of those moments are desperately needed.

    • In spite of Ilker and his ilk, there are still teachers out there that I would be pleased to have teaching my grandchildren. Hopefully over this summer both sides have come to realize what is at stake and what we, the taxpayers are prepared to pay….

        • Is that a threat?

          Having said that, you need to less cryptic and talk the walk. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

          If you don’t like my opinions, there is little I can do about it. That is your problem-not mine.

          Ronnie looks after himself very well. He does not need you-as a self-appointed enforcer-to defend him.

          Perhaps you need to calm down and take a breather from this forum for some time-perhaps a very long time-and contemplate how your advice may very well apply to yourself.

          • Insite, again you have a problem with reading and comprehending.

            I know you think you can read body language and know what people are Really saying, but only you would consider “Why don’t you grow up and quit being a fool” a Threat.
            You should direct some of your Insite into understanding what you are reading.
            What is my body language telling you now?

    • Yes! Ronny flashing the grin and the teacher probably thought you supported them. Its about time that you of the free enterprise party stop making the union BCTF and the teachers as different, the teachers are the BCTF they voted 86%majority in favor of the strike, again the BCTF are the teachers they are not strong armed into following their leaders like every Liberal MLA’s are! Teachers are not uneducated children, they can agree to disagree even with their union leaders that they elected to represent them, they are even more democratic that the MLA’s we elect as least the teacher can have a vote.

      • “they voted 86% majority in favor of the strike” . . . so they have no one to blame for their position today but themselves . . . eh Ken !
        In reality Ken . . . it was 86% of the teachers THAT VOTED, not 86% of the Teachers’ Union . . .

        I would like to see how many teachers would opt out of the BCTF . . . if that were an option. My bet is close to 50% . . .

  2. I guess they’re back from their summer holiday time.
    As much as it is hurtful to families I support the governments stand on getting to a negotiated settlement. The union can whimper and whine all they want about how much they have given up with previous wage increases. Their benefits and wages were already far richer than most of us and many unions.

    • If this dispute is settled in accordance with the provincial government’s position on the entire package, it wll represent a temporary victory-at best-for the government..

      The issue of teachers’ right to bargain working conditions will be kicked further down the road until the judicial system-at the SCOC makes a final ruling. If the government is unsuccessful in its appeals, that will come at a cost- in fact, a great cost-the cost of living in a democracy. But sadly that will not end the division between the parties.

      A new bargaining structure has to be adopted where differences are resolved through binding arbitration based on the “final offer” concept.

      My comments are not intended to be dismissive of you views to which you are entitled to hold. My comments have always been based the rule of law. If the government receives a final favourable ruling from the SCOC, teachers and their supporters will have no choice but to respect and obey the decision-even though they diagree. Having said that, it should be noted that we live on a 2-way street.

      • Many things need to change in the system.
        The government can’t simply download new costs such as the carbon credit bs.

        The union needs to understand that they are an important part of the school system but they don’t run it. The also need to move to a democratic system where all teachers get to vote on the leadership.

        Both parties need to get creative in solving the class size and composition issue. Eliminate the language problem and a big chunk of the special needs would get resolved.

        But the bottom line is there is only so much money available and the lion’s share cannot go to teachers and their benefits.

        • Kelly, In general agreement with your points-but I would offer the following perspective on funding or lack of money.

          Government has the responsibility to manage our money. It has the fiscal power of taxation to raise the required revenue to fund its progams or to re-allocate its spending. The right of our children to an education is enshrined in our Charter and the School Act.

          We are ignoring the potential fiscal reality of what will happen if the government should lose (-and I think it will-) its appeal at the SCOC and the required restorative action, alone, will cost billions not to mention future costs.

          If the government loses, pleading poverty will not be an option. It will need to raise taxes, re-allocate funds or incurr a deficit- perhaps all three.

          Perhaps it might be in the public interest for the government to cut its potential losses and consider offering an out-of-court-settlement. And work out a new bargaining structure with the terachers which provides for bnding arbitration. This may prove less expensive than a SCOC ruling. When the government decided to settle out-of-court the California lawsuit against BC Hydro, the above considerations weighed heavily on the province’s decision. That settlement was not cheap either. But it allowed the government to move on.

          BTW nice to engage in real dialogue than respond to other nonsense.

          • Thank you for the compliment wrt engagement vs rhetoric.
            An out of court settlement could be in the best interests of all involved, but I doubt the BCTF would agree as they expect to win. There’s no way one judge should be ruling on the validity of her own judgement-so I hope the government wins. If the union wins- then the school system will be bankrupt.

            And while I agree there is much wastage and mis-allocation of spending in government I do not support writing a blank cheque for funding anything – be it education- healthcare or infrastructure. I agree whole heartedly that the wastage of tax dollars needs to stop.
            If you add all taxation include various fees and levies we are taxed to the max. So- they need to review, prioritize and use what they currently collect.
            And it needs to start at the ground level- municipal spending.

  3. @insite There are lots of teachers out there who would leave the BCTF but have been brainwashed to the point they can’t organize a break with BCTF. The left wing politics of this outfit will implode and we will be rid of you.

  4. Al
    There are lots of teachers out there who would leave the BCTF but have been brainwashed to the point they can’t organize a break with BCTF. Are you really believing this stuff to say most of the teachers have more education than you do and you say things like this as though they are illiterate and uneducated as to be brainwashed? So can you explain it?

    • To a degree, you are right. I wouldn’t use “brainwashed” as a blanket word covering all teachers either. But to suggest they they still pin their hopes on the BCTF leaders to the dergree they voted in May is just not the case. Just look at the related story of Ms Corbin (no friend of the current government) who obviously feels her union has really let her down and left her out in the cold. Even she is wanting the government to save her with legislation. There are plenty of other social media, news and talk radio stories of teachers with similar negative reactions to the BCTF.
      To suggest as you did earlier that it’s easy-peasy to publicly go against a nasty militant union like the BCTF is naive at best. Fear and intimidation aren’t dead.

  5. If you think the BCTF is just going to go away, you have seriously underestimated the teacher’s resolve. There will be a legislated settlement in the fall. Probably when the Legislature goes back to work. The teachers will win their court case and there will be an expensive settlement.
    The best thing the government can do (if they want to keep to their agenda) is to invoke the notwithstanding clause and really take it to the teachers. Decertify the BCTF through statute. Reformat wage settlements and impose wages as an in council decision based of professional market forces. Kill off the pension. That should take all the people who were even remotely considering teaching as a career out of the biz.
    Like I say….If you don’t like the cost of education, try ignorance!
    There once was an unwritten social contract: If a person wanted a modest professional income and a good pension, give teaching a whirl. Looks like that will all go out the window. I think we will need to go back to the “good old days” of uncertified teachers, alcoholics, pedophiles and power trippers. When I think back to the bozos who were my high school teachers in the mid 60s, it makes my blood run cold. I am not sure we want to return there.

    • “When I think back to the bozos who were my high school teachers in the mid 60s”

      Where did you go to school Jay?

      My teachers in the 60s were far more professional and accomplished than any that have taught my children. My youngest just graduated 5 years ago.
      In my years of high school . . . only ONE teacher was not very competent, and she only lasted ONE year and was let go . . . something that almost NEVER happens today.
      My children had several teachers I would have deemed to be less than competent . . . all are either still teaching or retired with their generous pensions, funded mostly by the taxpayer.

    • @Jay: it would appear your comments suggest that cost of education is strictly limited to Public Education and unionized teachers. Other options simply do not exist and to entertain such would include “bozos who were my high school teachers in the mid 60s” not to mention “uncertified teachers, alcoholics, pedophiles and power trippers”
      Apparently , there is a lack of awareness. There are other options to educating our children besides Public Education. And ALL of them include many examples of excellent teachers who are not in a union!
      There is private. Home Schooling. Academies for various enterprises, etc.
      Public Education is only ONE option. One considered as being for everyone, financial ability notwithstanding. Because of unionization and militancy the financial and emotional ability to put up with the nonsense and extortion from the BCTF makes alternatives for parents very attractive, even though they will continue to fund Public Education whether they want to or not. AND then have to find the wherewithall to have their children educated responsibly and effectively. For the parents, their children’s education is paramount and an effective and enjoyable education is most desired.
      We have been subjected to union bullying, harassment , threats, intimidation, whining , crying and foot stomping. Petulance and highway robbery. ALL to appease BCTF union demands. CUPE has settled so the TA’s have their contract set but the Teachers who make so much more are still out crying for more. And class size and composition wherein TA’s might be increased is the perview of the employer, is that not correct? The school boards make those decisions, do they not?
      There is just NO justification for the BCTF to continue with this political posturing. Get to the table. Sign a contract and get back to work. Otherwise, I think parents will be forced to insist the government fund private education more fully and defund public education, perhaps entirely. There is also a growing number of Teachers working in private education very effectively and happily.

  6. When someone such as Dwight attacks and gets personal. he’s lost it completely. What’s his body language got to do with this story?

    No need to read or even imagine what his body language is saying. What he write says everything about him… reads like a cheap novel.

    He might want to take a sensitivity course together with anger manangement control-in whatever order that works for him.

    I can take it as well as I can dish it out. His problem is that he can’t….So he resorts to intimidation with cryptic threats. Frankly, people like him scare me…..

    • Insite, give it up. You were the one that came on here and attempted to interpret something in a manner that was to belittle or bully Ron 26. Don’t start that crap that it was me. Give up with your’reading body language and thinking you know what people are really saying. You truly do sound like a fool.

  7. my question is, why are some districts picketing next week and not all. If you are a “group” then you all go out you can’t pick and choose which ones are going to picket which week. The public needs to know CUPE needs to know, and teachers need to know. Why would some picket and not all is my question