Bear put down in Coquitlam

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Bear put down in Coquitlam

Conservation officers determined a bear that charged at someone in a Coquitlam park Friday afternoon is too dangerous to be released and has been put down.

Sergeant Todd Hunter says it tranquilized the bear after receiving numerous reports of it roaming around Glen Park just after 1pm.

“When it shows aggression towards humans, and when somebody is charged like that, you can’t afford to have to bear go back in and pose safety risks to the public.”

Hunter is reminding the public to lock down garbage bins and clear fallen fruit so bears aren’t attracted to residential areas.


  1. It’s unfortunate that the bear had to be killed but ultimately its all our fault for leaving easy food avaiable to the bears.
    Wild animals have no place in our suburbs – and this includes coyotes and raccoons .

  2. When will this killing of bears stop? This is all the conservation officers do must be a resource thing they have only bullets to solve these issues. Most everyone has a cell phone with camera show us the bear charging at someone, words are cheap, I had a man charge at me yesterday said he was a Liberal with more cuts!

  3. Sad thing is, we built neighbourhoods in their territory and everyone is surprised when we see them roaming around. Could have taken the bear into the mountains somewhere.

  4. Ken280 – the provincial Liberals are a mixture of small town crooks and hypocrites . They are happy to cut everyone else’s salaries , line the pockets of themselves and their friends , and gut the provincial inspections of their friends business operations.

  5. Murray and all,
    bears were not here first.
    We have always lived together but now there is far more easy food and no threat of harm from the inhabitants who tempt them with available food.


    • hh
      .no threat of harm from the inhabitants who tempt them with available food,I read your comments from time to time and this one takes the cake. They face Rifles every move they make! Its the people who voted for the Liberals who cut the conservation office the moment they were elected after hiring 16 officers before the election. Its your Liberals way! Cut, cut and spend taxpayer $$$ for the re-election and pipes and money for all their friends.

  6. Ken 280- you would be. Insulted if I called you a commie because you have left wing views . Equivalently I am insulted when you group me with Liberal supporters . I have right wing views , but in no way support theprovincial Liberals. The corruption and nepotism that surrounds this group makes it embarrassing to admit I come from BC when I travel outside of Canada. Through Bill Bennet Sr, Jr, Van der Zalm and now Christy, the litany of sweetheart deals with Industry cronies and hiring of best friends makes BC out to look like a 3rd world Banana republic