Vancouver to take Trans Mountain pipeline challenge to Federal Court

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

“We are taking such a vested interest because so much of our economy, our global brand, our quality of life is based around our ocean.”

The City of Vancouver is going to court in an attempt to have the effects of climate change considered in Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposal.

Deputy city manager, Sadhu Johnston, says the city will ask the Federal Court of Appeal tomorrow for a judicial review of the National Energy Board process.

Johnston says Vancouver is the country’s largest port and the city is already being impacted by rising sea levels.

“We are seeing changes. This year alone city council adopted a new plan to increase the construction levels in flood zones by one meter. We definitely have a major stake in what happens to the oceans and what happens to the climate. We think those types of considerations need to be taken into account when a proposal as significant as this is considered.”

Vancouver officials already asked the board to take climate change into account but the regulator decided in July against it.

The $5.4-billion project would almost triple the capacity of the current pipeline linking the Alberta oil sands to Kinder Morgan’s terminal at Port Metro Vancouver, increasing flow from 300,000 barrels of oil a day to almost 900,000.

The Trans Mountain project faces some staunch opposition at the end of the line in Metro Vancouver.

Earlier this week the National Energy Board released a decision saying that, under federal laws, Kinder Morgan doesn’t need permission to access the land that is home to Simon Fraser University and a vast nature preserve.

Burnaby responded by saying the energy board decision was limited to its rights as a private landowner _ not its jurisdiction as a regulator.

The dispute has already caused a seven-month delay in the regulatory process.

The board panel will not have its final report to cabinet until Jan. 25, 2016. Under the original schedule, the report was due July 2, 2015.

-With files from The Canadian Press


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  1. “Johnston says Vancouver is the country‚Äôs largest port and the city is already being impacted by rising sea levels.”

    Rising sea levels ? Not happening . . . I remember when they banned Nuclear Weapons at Vancouver Council . . . completely NUTS ! ! !
    This pipeline crosses no land public or private in the City of Vancouver . . . another example of “antis” who are against progress and prosperity.

  2. What a nutty story , it’s all most as funny as the 3 million they spent to up grade their web sight , Where any one elese would get it for one hundred thousand or less .