UPDATED: Province makes “reckless” cuts to RCMP anti-gang, missing persons units

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UPDATED: Province makes "reckless" cuts to RCMP anti-gang, missing persons units

“The moment you take your foot off the neck of criminal organizations, they’re going to sprout and re-grow and cause havoc.”

BC’s New Democrats are accusing the Christy Clark government of making ‘reckless’ cuts when it comes to fighting gang crime.

“You have to keep on them constantly.”

Justice Critic Mike Farnworth says budgets for the anti-gang unit, known as the “CFSEU” and major crimes are losing more than four million dollars, making it more difficult for police to crack down on gangs, solve murders and find people reported missing.

“The Hells Angels and others will just be laughing. They’ll take any opportunity and any advantage that they can get and so, this idea that we’re cutting funding, is just –it’s criminal.”

Farnworth adds major crimes like the Surrey Six massacre have been solved by police in the units facing cuts.

Attorney General Suzanne Anton is away and not available for comment.

Late this afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens, who is the head of the RCMP’s BC operations, issued a statement confirming provincial funding will be reduced by more than four million dollars in the next fiscal year.

He says the cuts are being made after the force already reduced the size of its fleet, adjusted shift schedules, reduced travel costs and more, but says “there are no further savings to be found.”

That’s why at least 25 positions are being eliminated and ‘operational support’ will be reduced.

Eileen Mohan, whose son Christopher was killed in the 2007 Surrey Six massacre, says she can’t believe any cuts are being made to the police units that helped find his accused killers.

“If you announce cutbacks, then you’re almost giving them an early Christmas gift. All these gangsters are saying, ‘Finally, now we’re going to get some breathing space.’ ”

Prosecutors at the Surrey Six trial say Mohan’s son Christopher was considered collateral damage because he might be able to identify the killers.


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  1. Justice critic Mike Farnworth is so dated, the “Boys” who once were a major force to police are in sneakers or loafers now a days. They have been decimated by the “Brown” crews who openly make fun of them and their “Hip-Hop Army” of rag tag want to be’s.

    Policing and the war on drugs and the like is big budget, but the NDP critic is terribly out dated as to his information.

  2. Cuts to the mining inspections have put people at risk. Now cuts to fighting gang crime will put the safety of all BC’ers at risk.

    That 10 million she wasted on Bollywood the 18 million on the No Jobs Program and the 1 billion on smart meters I am sure would come in handy right about now.

    I guess she will just increase the debt by another 1/3. An even 100 billion sounds about right. She and the Liberals have got to go!

    The government is broke because of wasteful spending by this lame-duck premier and the Liberal tax and spend mentality. Her next trick – To increase taxes for everyone but the corporations.

    Christy in the Dark – ALL show and NO go!

    • Not a fan of the Liberals – but who do you suggest we put in? The big union, big government, Progressive NDP? a.k.a. some of the biggest wasters of taxpayer money and the most destructive party to the resource sector (and other productive sectors – with the possible exception of Welfare Toadies Inc.).
      We really need a third, viable option. Fence posts with hair (no I’m not referring to Son of Trudeau, I have higher standards than that) would probably get elected if they promised to be more fiscally responsible and cut back government and government waste.

      • For not being a fan of the Liberals you seems to think only they can lead BC. How much will you let the BC Liberals put us in debt before you say enough? Lets just say you are a big fan of the status quo as we reach closer to 100 billion debt.

  3. Hey Dan. You lost the last election ! Get over it ! We know you don’t like Christy . We get that to. Since you don’t have any answers to the cutbacks,its best not to try and go back to previous spending to make your point. Best to ask how sucessful the gang unit were, and work from there.

    • Brian, You are correct. I do not like talking heads with no substance. Any moron can do that, Yes we need a viable option to the NDP and the Liberals. And yes my vote counted but not for either of the above.

      The answer to the cut backs is to stop wasting money on pet projects like Bollywood.

      She spends our money like a drunken sailor without any return on investment.

  4. Hay cheer up , if the Cons have their way , they will be rakeing in the money by wasting the time and manpower fineing pot smokers , They figure if the crooks can make money on it , than they can too , And all these cut backs to services , is only a reminder that you had a good budget , in the good years , now it’s time to cut back on every thing because this LNG is going to bankrupt the Province .

  5. Balancing the budget is all good, but not at the expense of our safety. Have you looked at the bloated administration and management in all these public sector and crown corporations, Christy? How about that Bollywood thingy where you spent some more millions. Not only that but when you cut budgets in public sector and incentify managers with bonuses, guess who gets cut? The rankin file, meaning less boots on the ground (officers, mine inspectors) and more managers fooling around in offices. If crime goes up again and innocent people die, we will remember you Christy! Keep this in mind!

  6. May it’s a blessing in discise , with less money in the kitty , it means the police state has to take a back seat to more practacle , needs in society , May be it’s time to change polacys on the way money is spent in the province . Put a freeze on all wages over $100,000. , and close the loop holes in the income tax act , let the big pimps pay their fair share ,
    In the future as it is becomeing now , the well off will be working for the governments , and the working poor which is about 40% of the popuation of the country , that live from pay check to pay check . will grow , because they are not alowed to make a profit on their labours ,
    Haveing a low minamum wage , and working for a fat cat that gets rich from your work , and whats worse is when they don’t want to even pay that and bring in foren temp workers for 15% less . than Minamim wage . One can only wonder who’s side the government is on , because it shure isn’t the working class .