Bertuzzi ducked Moore for a decade

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Bertuzzi ducked Moore for a decade

Steve Moore was a dirty word in this town 10 years ago.

Steve Moore was considered a dirty player, a borderline NHL punk who would do anything to stay in the league, include elbow beloved Canucks Captain Marcus Naslund in the head because his job was to stay in the NHL.

It is amazing what 10 years of reflection can do to a situation.

Steve Moore wasn’t the villain in the Bertuzzi-Moore incident, he was the victim.

He was a NHL player who had finally been able to earn a regular shift in the league…he still had to fight for ice time, but he was a regular because he played the game hard and gave the Colorado Avalanche quality minutes.

In the 2003-04, Steve Moore played 56 games before the night of March 8, 2004, until his life changed forever.

Todd Bertuzzi played the part of judge, jury and executioner in a little over five seconds, and there isn’t one person on this planet who should be able to wield that power.  Bertuzzi finished a job that Matt Cooke started and couldn’t finish, and that Sean Pronger tried to but also couldn’t get Moore to engage.

Moore adhered to the code of hockey that night…he was challenged to fight on the ice by Matt Cooke in the first period and won…it should have been the end of the story, but in a 8-2 game for Colorado it wasn’t enough for the Vancouver Canucks, or Bertuzzi.

Bertuzzi took five seconds to change Moore’s life, and then spent 10 years ducking the responsibility.

10 years later we know what the true colors of these two men were.  Moore was blue collar and lunch bucket…Bertuzzi  is yellow bellied and a coward.

Hey Bert, has you would famously say…’it just is what it is.’


  1. Thanks for you opinion.

    I remember the event very clearly.
    The only thing I don’t remember is the name of the Colorado player that jumped on Bertuzzi’s back and punched him in Bertuzzi on the right side of his head from behind with a full roundhouse identical to the punch that hit Moore.

    Perhaps you are not big on facts so here it is…..