Civil forfeiture setback for government

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Civil forfeiture setback for government

Another loss for BC’s Director of Civil Forfeiture in the court battle against the Hells Angels.

The BC Court of Appeal has dismissed the director’s appeal of a BC Supreme Court ruling that said affidavits in support of a 2003 search of the Nanaimo clubhouse should be unsealed, so the defence can challenge their admissibility.

The evidence from the “Project Halo” investigation is part of an attempt to have the Hells Angels clubhouse and other assets forfeited.

While the Director said Davies ” misapplied the test” that deals with applications to open a wiretap packet brought by a non-accused person, the defendants argued there was no error.

They also said the court of appeal had no jurisdiction over the case, because it is criminal in nature.

And Justice David Frankel agreed about jurisdiction, dismissing the appeal.

Last week, the Director lost two other preliminary rulings in the attempt to seize the motorcycle gangs assets.



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  1. And people who cherish freedom, the rule of law, the right of innocence until proven guilty and democracy say – yeah!

    …as do those that get speeding tickets who won’t have their cars forfeited.

  2. And all the important and heavy issue stories we can not comment on. CKNW has a `comments are closed` attached at the bottom. Don`t give a damn on public opinion anymore CKNW?

    • Robbie
      what your saying is true and they have also been deleting comments too hoever, this is an important issue.

      NEVER take for granted you right to due process of law and your right to innocence.
      Respect the law and fear the police.