NEB rules in favour of Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mountain route

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NEB rules in favour of Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mountain route

The City of Burnaby says it’s disappointed the National Energy Board has granted Kinder Morgan access to Burnaby Mountain for further pipeline studies without the city’s consent.

“This is a fairly serious issue for us.”

Burnaby councillor Sav Dhaliwal says the city will now weigh its options.

In a decision released today, the NEB says the pipeline company doesn’t need permission to access the city-owned park home to Simon Fraser University.

“We have a fair amount of money trying to preserve Burnaby Mountain, those lands, to make sure the ecology, the fauna and vegetation is protected.”

The board says it’s not in the public’s interest to consider the Trans Mountain expansion proposal without the studies.

The dispute between Burnaby and Kinder Morgan has alreay resulted in a seven-month delay in National Energy Board hearings on the project.

The $5.4-billion dollar expansion proposal would almost triple the current capacity of oil, from 300,000 barrels to almost 900,000.

“The company is past the NEB hurdle, but they still have the hurdle of the city of Burnaby’s bylaws to deal with.”

That’s lawyer for the City of Burnaby Greg McDade who says Kinder Morgan still has to jump over a few hurdles to access Burnaby Mountain, its preferred route for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

McDade says the company is only half way there, as the National Energy Board grants it access to the city-owned park space where Simon Fraser University is located for further study.

“Some of their proposed activities would be absolutely prohibited under Burnaby’s bylaws.”

McDade says there is a suggestion to build a helicopter pad in the middle of a conservation area requiring tree cutting and that’s not allowed under municipal bylaws.



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  1. The City of Burnaby should hardly be surprised at the NEB ruling that KM required no prior consent n this matter.

    Why should the City of Burnaby be allowed special status when KM does not require my consent to actually buils a pipeline under my house. Under the law, a government, city, corporation and an individual have equal rights ….at least, we all like to think so.

    • Dear John (yeah another ‘Dear John letter’): You sure sound fair and balanced in your views; but just where did your ‘fact’ (the making $1B) come from? Please educate us all in the source of this fact and what it relates to.

      According to KM their CEO, Richard Kinder, annually receives a salary of $1 (that’s not a typo – it’s ONE DOLLAR) and does not receive bonuses or stock options, etc. On top of this, under his tutelage (from 1997), the firm has grown to be the fourth largest energy firm in North America; from an annual income of approximately $325 Million to $110 Billion; an increase in employees (FYI – that’s JOBS) from 175 to 11,000.

      Maybe his personal worth went up by roughly $1B? IF that’s the case (you seem to be twisting it to look like it’s his salary), he deserves it. He is clearly being rewarded solely on a performance basis. That’s something Progressives and our politicians. public employees and bureaucrats have never been able to understand (or because of their level of competence and lack of dedication to the taxpayer, just don’t want to get involved with the concept).

      Compare Kinder’s remuneration to the salaries, bonuses and benefits of our bureaucrats and elected politicians. Can you name ONE – never mind the working for $1 a year or even fair salaries and benefits – that has had a record of success with our country or provinces that comes remotely close to that of Kinder? KM is heading north; our country (under self-proclaimed elitists) is heading south. Do we really have to bring up public debts, unfunded liabilities, corruption in government, TransLink, Ferries, taxation levels, etc. etc.? Funny, but I don’t seem to see too much of this type of mismanagement in KM.

      John – But even if it were true that Kinder received $1B annual salary, what business is it of yours? It’s not public money (i.e. OUR tax money) that’s being spent. Maybe fellows like you should concentrate a little more on how our politicians and bureaucrats reward themselves with OUR money.

    • It brings oil to the refinery in Burnaby that makes gas and diesel for YOUR car George . . . complicated I know . . . .

      Some of the oil will be exported George . . . it goes into the “Positive” column on Canada’s Trade Balance. It puts dollars into Provincial and Federal Coffers . . . to pay for YOUR Pensions, healthcare, education and so on George.

      I know you are against that . . . . lol

      Did you know George that in BC, way back in 2000 . . . a family of 4 paid $4,000 more in taxes to the NDP govt?

  2. The City of Burnaby . . . where they have had more oil spills and gas pipeline problems in a decade than Kinder Morgan has had in half a century.

    Build the pipelines now, ALL Three . . . grow the economy . . . the world wants our oil . . . and our kids need the royalties to finance their pensions, healthcare and to keep their taxes low.

  3. This is as it should be. If NIMBY’s (read Burnaby) ruled the world there would be no roads, no dams, no transmission lines, no natural gas right-of-ways, no resource revenues, no prisons, no drug treatment centres… The greater good must prevail.