MacKay, Mulcair disagree over new legislation aimed at protecting sex trade workers

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MacKay, Mulcair disagree over new legislation aimed at protecting sex trade workers

Canada’s justice minister continues to defend new legislation aimed at protecting sex trade workers, while criminalizing those who exploit them.

Peter MacKay says he believes changes ordered by the Supreme Court of Canada will make it easier to catch serial killers like Robert Pickton.

“Absolutely. Now, the bill focuses on the perpetrators who prey on the vulnerable. Prostitution being an inherently dangerous practise and no place in the country knows that more than here in British Columbia and specifically, Vancouver.  The Pickton case certainly weighed heavily on the minds of the judiciary.”

But NDP and Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair says MacKay is naive to think this legislation will improve the safety of sex trade workers.

“He’s talked about his aspiration to do away with prostitution. This just in, prostitution’s been around for a while, so the Supreme Court didn’t ask him about his aspirations, the Supreme Court asked him to meet a Charter requirement to protect people’s lives and he has failed.”

Mulcair says another Supreme Court of Canada challenge is inevitable.


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  1. Hookers have been around for a long time , and so have the pimps , he’s usualy the boy friend .or the person that forces her to turn tricks , and giveing him the money , or it could be a madam . The stupid thing is the customer that is willing to pay for sex , may have rocks in his or her heads , but they are the victoms , of a narrow minder government , that sees some thing as beautiful as makeing love , as dirty and repulsive , and there for aginst the law because there is money involved , and the government isn’t getting their share , and there fore its illeagle . Now most of these conservatives , didn’t come into the world the same way as every one elese , They were inspired from god , another words created , at least some think that way , The only thing is they were hatched from dineasore eggs .

  2. I have to laugh every time I see the media refer to prostitutes as “sex trade” workers.

    What institutions offers courses to get that “trade” designation? Are these the same institutions that offer courses for the Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC trades, or Auto Mechanics? Do they get a certificate or a diploma? Anything?

    Call a spade a spade – They are prostitutes.

    When a recognized institution offers courses and training on how to become a prostitute, then and only then should this occupation be deemed a “trade”.