Bertuzzi and Moore have reached settlement

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Bertuzzi and Moore have reached settlement

The 10 year odyssey that has been Steve Moore v Todd Bertuzzi is over.

On March 8, 2004, Bertuzzi, then a star on the Vancouver Canucks attacked Colorado Avalanche Player Steve Moore from behind, punching Moore and landing on him, causing a broken vertebrae in Moore’s neck and ending his career.

While the criminal case was wrapped up nearly nine years ago, the civil case involving the Canucks, Bertuzzi and Moore has been ongoing, with Moore and his representatives looking for as much as 68 million dollars in damages.

Now details have not been released about this settlement and if it includes the Canucks, so as this story evolves we will keep you up to speed.

A couple of Bertuzzi details:

Bertuzzi agreed to be criminally found guilty to assault and received a conditional discharge with 80 hours of community service and one year of probation.

The NHL suspended Bertuzzi for what ended up being 17 months, Bertuzzi lost 20 games and 500 thousand dollars in pay.

The IIHF suspended Bertuzzi from playing internationally for a year as the year following the incident was a lockout year, so he also failed to receive income there.

Todd Bertuzzi has made just a shade under 50 million dollars in his career, with over 30 million of that occurring after the events of March 8, 2004.

Steve Moore played 69 NHL games before his career ended and made 425 thousand dollars in NHL money.



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  1. Imagine Dave, if Moore had engaged Bertuzzi . . . instead of trying to flee, the unfortunate accident would never have happened.
    Moore’s hit on Naslund didn’t ever draw a penalty back in the day . . . today it would have gotten him tossed and suspended for a few games.

  2. Dale
    you are so correct.
    The hit on Naslund was a blind side sucker hit too. I wonder how very close Naslund was to a broken neck and life altering concussion?