UPDATED: Mulcair demands action following report into Lac Megantic

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UPDATED: Mulcair demands action following report into Lac Megantic

Federal Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair is demanding immediate action now the Transportation Safety Board has found that Transport Canada failed to ensure the safety of the railway linked to the Lac Megantic tragedy.

TSB investigators found federal authorities didn’t do enough to ensure the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic railway effectively managed risks.

“The basic problem is self-management doesn’t work when the government’s not upholding it’s end of the bargain,” Mulcair told reporters in Vancouver.

He says Ottawa has spent several years trying to convince Canadians that companies can regulate themselves.

“Governments are supposed to be inspecting and regulating in the public interest and this is not working.”

Forty-seven people were killed last summer when a runaway train went off the tracks and exploded in the southeastern Quebec town.

While Justice Minister Peter MacKay says has no plans to de-criminalize marijuana, meanwhile, Mulcair accuses the Harper government of being stuck in a time warp.

“The Conservatives are taking a very 1950s approach. I think that they regularly watch re-runs of Reefer Madness to convince themselves about the problem, but I think adults are capable of making their own choices on these things.”

Earlier today, MacKay said simply ticketing users for possession is an option.

He was also asked if he’s concerned about losing next year’s federal election to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau because Trudeau has openly campaigned in favour of legalizing pot.

“Marijuana use is a question of personal choice and it’s something that a government can do the day after it’s elected  … is to simply make sure that there’s no longer any criminal accusations for somebody using marijuana.”

Also, Mulcair says he’s not especially concerned about his safety in the wake of a recent break-in at the home of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

“The system seems to be working relatively well in terms of that risk assessment which doesn’t mean that there won’t be cases like the one we’re referring to, but so far, in our experience, we can rely on that type of risk assessment. It seems to be working fairly well.”

At the time of the break-in, Trudeau was in Winnipeg, but his wife and three young children were asleep in the home when the intruder entered. Nothing was taken and no one was harmed, but the prowler left a threatening note.

On the Middle East, Mulcair says Prime Minister Stephen Harper can’t keep ignoring all the blood being shed by civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“The whole situation is unacceptable.”

Mulcair says the month-long war between Israel and Hamas needs to stop, but mediation efforts keep failing.

“We have made it very clear it is horrifying and totally unacceptable to see civilians being hit by IDF shells in shelters that they have gone to, so this is part of a horrible pattern of behaviour.”

He says the NDP’s solution involves setting up secure, mutually agreed borders for both sides in a conflict that’s seen more than 2,000 Palestinians killed since an Islamic militant group seized control of Gaza in 2007.


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  1. Nice to hear from Thomas (Dutch Disease). Mulcair again. I wonder if he has been spending the last few months trying to figure out why the “Dutch Disease” he says Canada suffers from has gone away without the closure of the oil and gas industry.

    He demands action, but declines to specify what action is to be taken. We could, for example, shut the entire train system down until we are 100% satisfied that there are no dangers-that would be “action”. There have been several recommendations coming out of this tragedy and the evidence is that government is implementing them. What other action would he take?

    • Whenever an investigation is conducted …whether it be a sawmill explosion, tailings-pond dam breach or a train wreck (that cost 47 lives), the regulatory agencies under investigation have access to the findings and recommendations before the final report is released.

      The predictable response from a regulatory agency under investigation is that all the recommendations to prevent recurrence have been implemented or are being implemented when neither is even true. This is simply a government strategy to minimize its failure to provide oversight and enforcement of regulations BEFORE the tragedy unfolded. Then it denies responsibility. Look for this when the Mount Polley Mine investicgation is complete.

      I think Muclair did not have to offer any suggestions. Implicit in his call for immediate action was that “heads should roll.” Others get it.

      It is pure speculation that Mulcair suggested “shutting down the entire train system down…” when he did no such thing. You said so yourself and then proceeded to speculate on what Mulclair would do.

      Some people are insensitive to the deaths of workers and innocent people because something like a preventable death in their world simply gets in their way. They are like those monkeys who lack any moral responsibility and refuse to acknowledge even the slightest hint of impropriety. That 47 people died is of no consequence because life is so cheap.

  2. Mr. Mulcair just said that an NDP government would “simply make sure that there are no longer any criminal accusations for somebody using marijuana”. Mr.MacKay, speaking for Mr.Harper, said the Conservatives are “still mulling over” issuing tickets for pot. Both are recent events due to the turning tide of public opinion. Trudeau is so much more straightforward and honest: prohibition is a failure and we are going to legalize it!

    • What he doesn’t realize is CEO’S and senior executives never go to jail for negligence,environmental infractions or safety rule breaches .
      There are laws that say they should go to jail but most of them have friends in high places.

  3. We have record amounts of oil riding on trains in Canada . . . did any of YOU know that?
    So many trains are carrying oil today . . . that the Feds had to demand the railways pay more attention to moving prairie wheat . . . as wheat export contracts were threatened.

    Of course if the three pipelines were working, Line 9 in the East, and the two in BC . . . the railways would be far less stressed. As pipelines are a thousand times safer than rail . . . why is nutty Tom not demanding to know when the pipelines will be ready. Where is the feckless Trudeau? Out puffin on a blunt I bet . . .

    Reality is guys . . . Canada’s budget is in a Surplus, best managed economy on the planet. After 40 years of incompetent governments we finally have a sound govt.
    Federal Income taxes lower than a decade ago . . .
    Didn’t the New York Times say the Canadian middle class was the wealthiest in the world.

    • Dale, I was about to give you kudos until I saw you call the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Mulcair “nutty,” Each of your points are relevant, in my opinion, and valid – but I simply cannot deal with the disrespect. It takes the legs out from under your arguments, again, in my view! We’re getting close here Dale!