Ice bucket challenge raises awareness, but not so much money, for ALS in B.C.

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Ice bucket challenge raises awareness, but not so much money, for ALS in B.C.

A viral video challenge is dominating the internet.

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge asks people to dump a bucket of ice water on their heads or donate $100 to ALS research.

It has raised millions in the U.S., but donations north of the border are slower trickling in.

Although thousands are taking part the ice bucket challenge, money doesn’t appear to be pouring in.

Wendy Toyer with the ALS Society of BC says so far $150,000 has been raised in Canada, only $1,000 in this province.

“But the great news is it doesn’t matter which ALS society the donations go to because 100% of that will be available to researchers.”

Toyer adds the timing could not have been better, because in 2012 the federal government cancelled a program that helped fund labs across the country.


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  1. Accordng to Global, only 50 percent of donations made to the ALS goes to fund research. #6 percent goes to administration and 14 percent goes to staging media events like the Ice Bucket challenge contrary to the claim made by ALS.

    Sadly charities are becoming an industry and they prey upon our emotions to ante up.

    • 36 PERCENT!? Wow, that is scandalous. I know the audited charity that I give to 10% goes to admin and fundraising and it is definitely not the ALS society. Where are those people spending all that money if others can get by with less than 10% in admin costs?