Arbutus corridor gardeners want city to stop CP Rail from spraying herbicides

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A group of gardeners along the Arbutus Corridor are demanding the City of Vancouver stop Canadian Pacific Rail from spraying herbicides.

The concern arises days after the rail company began bulldozing community gardens as it prepares to re-activate the line following thirteen years of inactivity.

Arbutus Victory gardener Paul Kendal says a group of gardeners want the city to enforce an anti pesticide bylaw.

“They said that it’s to clear vegetation. To me that just sounds like a threat. We thought they were making baseless threats until they started to clear gardens Thursday. So if they started to clear gardens, we are looking at them actually spreading herbicides, and that is something that absolutely must be stopped.”

He adds “they’re talking about doing that. They’ve threatened three days ago to start doing that. That’s something that wouldn’t just destroy the gardens on their land; it would destroy the gardens on city land, and the gardens of people who live all the way along the path not to mention public health effects.”

CP’s letter to residents says it plans to spray herbicides to prevent the re-growth of stubborn weeds.

The letter indicates the work will continue into September with the goal to have the entire line ready for train Operations by the fall.

It also says “new ‘No Trespassing’ signs have been placed along our right of way as a reminder to stay back from the rail line and law enforcement has communicated their support to enforce this jurisdiction.”

Read Arbutus Victory Gardens letter to City of Vancouver here:

Read Canadian Pacific Rail letter to residents here:






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  1. These people are out of touch. Out of the thousands of miles of rail line they own, do they actually expect CP staff to get on their hands and knees and weed ever mile?

  2. It’s there land and if herbicides are legal in Vancouver then I guess they can do it but their acting like nasty spiteful creeps spraying so close to residence property.
    If I live along that route and any plants on my property died ,I would get the neighbors together and lay a class action suit on CP.
    It’s clear some people in this forum think corporation can do no wrong, I say question everything those in authority do to keep them in line.

    • Seriously? You’d really start a class action if your $2 pansies withered? With that over-the-top reaction, some slack lawyer from Pivot should be pouncing on your porch any minute. It seems you have subscribed to the current knee-jerk illogical hoopla of a few die-hards. I suppose we’ll be hearing demands from these nuts that the CEO resign next.

  3. I wonder how many years CP has actually sprayed these “gardens” with pesticide before the trespassers moved in and declared it “theirs”? I wouldn’t recommend anybody eating anything that has been harvested from a soil contaminated with creosote and other chemicals.

  4. I urge those that haven’t read the ‘entitled ones’ letter to the City to read it. It is loaded with typical Progressive, Nanny-State clap trap. They want Vancouver to use “any legal means available” to fight CP? In other words, like the environmentalists’ tactics, try to clog CP up in the courts until they get their way. The Progressive Moonbeam will love this; it’s in his playbook for Progressives. If he gets involved with this, hope you taxpayers have deep pockets; CP probably has a lot of financial resources and the will to use them.

    They demand cessation of CP activities until CP presents “a viable business plan” regarding bringing corridor to “operational standards”. The way Vancouver spends taxpayer money, who in He** in City Hall would know a viable business plan if it came and bit ‘em on the rear. And why should this even be a prerequisite in this (or any) situation?

    They state CP reneged on their deal; how many months have CP given these folks to move or get rid of their gardens? Others have managed to do it in this time span.

    They want the trains and gardens to coexist? Yeah right; in today’s litigious society! First old granny (forgive the disrespect to grannies) to bounce off a train and watch the law suits fly; grist for the legal mill.

    It goes on and on and on. A plethora of typical feel-good BS mixed in with misinformation; seemingly all designed to urge the Nanny-State to step in so they can have their gardens on property that doesn’t belong to them.

    In all of this, they continue to forget one important factor; the property belongs to CP and they are trespassers.

    Note to Moonbeam – please get involved in this one – it would make a great election issue.

  5. Don’t forget! All wooden rail road tie are soaked in “CREOSOTE”. Always have been. Other than the newer cement ones, probably all ways will be. Just imagine how much of that stuff leached out in to the “GO GREENIES” gardens long before they were planted. But hey, didn’t that lettuce taste good?