Proposed addiction treatment centre won’t go up in Parkland County

Edmonton, AB, Canada / 630 CHED Edmonton News

Residents are relieved at the Parkland County Development Appeal Board’s decision to reject a proposed addiction treatment centre.

The board said concerns about accessibility from the locals swayed their decision to turn down Homewood Health’s application for a facility at the River Lodge Retreat.

Ty Killick lives near there, he says the only road to the area is not taken care of, especially when the weather is bad.

“It can be seven days until we see any snow removal,” Killick explains. “The same goes for the spring when we get break-up, it can be a month long where basically it’s a tractor pull, if you have a Honda Civic or a similar vehicle you’re going to have extreme difficulties getting out of the neighbourhood.”

Killick believes there is a chance for Homewood to appeal the decision, but a provincial court would likely send it back to the developmental appeal board again. (kr/scb)


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