Parents gain confidence with Ready involved in teachers’ talks

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Parents gain confidence with Ready involved in teachers’ talks

With veteran mediator Vince Ready offering his assistance in the BC teachers’ dispute, some parents are becoming hopeful for the upcoming school year, but still want to be prepared if the strike goes on.

“There is definitely a ray of hope that somebody who has mediated so many disputed contracts in the past has now volunteered his time to come to the table and get things done,” says Rahim Rajabali, a father of two.

But he says you always need a backup plan. He says he plans to send his kids to an informal learning group, with a hired educator, organized by the Ismaili, Muslim community in the event of a continued strike.

Parents will pay for that using part of the province’s $40-a-day childcare subsidy.


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  1. Ready to the rescue… He has experience with these two groups as I recall he solved an impasse some 30 years ago with them. I wish him good luck as he can do it if anyone can.

      • Raymond. No I wouldn’t say that it was brilliant!!!!
        But in the last while these clowns have screwed up just about everything they have touched.
        The best you can do is babble about the NDP?
        I am 67 years old. Over all the times that I have voted, and there has been many, I have given my vote to all parties. Only when I think they are working in the right direction to warrant it.
        snookums and her band of ilk certainly DO NOT warrant it.
        The best thing they can all do is go on a tax payer paid vacation to some country and eat some deep fried pets.

        • But why can’t you make a comment without name calling? I’m sure your ndp friends are real proud of the fact that an awful lot of your posts here have nothing to do with the topic, just a forum for you to resort to bullying tactics. I don’t care what party they belong to, they don’t deserve to be called “clowns” or what ever by people like you think is okay. I’m sure if you would love it if you published your name in the paper so people could take shots at you.

          • Thanks B and Ray- because you’re taking the pressure off me.

            But let me add that calling our elected representatives and their respective parties names or branding them is fair ball and that goes with the territority.

            And it’s also fair ball to criticize someone else’s opinion as a long as the dissenting opinion is offered. along with supporting facts or logic.

            Under those circumstances that someone may be offended in my view does not wash especially if the .

  2. Both sides have serious pressure on them.
    The BCTF has thousands of members that cannot afford to miss another pay-cheque.
    The Libs have tens of thousands of upset taxpayers/parents, after they announced that the strike/lockout may go on much longer; please have $40/day for the inconvenience (tutoring/daycare ages 6-12).
    If Ready walks away, we will never know why, as their is a publication blackout. Both sides will blame each other as usual. Sadly, my hunch is that Ready will walk away around the middle of next week. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

  3. I’d say it’s the BCTF that has to budge (actually, it has to be more like a giant step). Too many demands that carry a huge price tag. Taxpayers are not a bottomless pit for the whims of the BCTF.

    • Don’t believe everything you read / hear in the media. The “facts and figures” as spun by the Liberals are not quite true.

      The “unaffordable benefits” to which Fassbender and Clark so often refer include the class size and composition values. In other words, the Liberals classify the supports for Special Needs and other learning supports as a “benefit” to teachers.

  4. It seems taxpayers are a “bottomless pit” for Liberals learning that the laws of this country do not allow a government to use a Provincial Legislature to “strip/erase” collectively agreed to and mutually signed off clauses of a labour agreement.
    Two separate Liberal Governments have had such legislation declared “unconstitutional and invalid” by a BC Supreme Court.
    Once again this October, The BC Supreme Appeal Court will “teach” the same “lesson”.
    How many taxpayer dollars have been spent for the illegal “whims” of the Liberal government.
    Finally, why is an elected government spending public money going to court to deny public school parents and students freely and collectively bargained quality learning conditions?

    • I disagree. The government has a duty and a mandate to appeal as many times as it takes to put the class size and comp issue back fully in the hands of the Ministry of Ed and not used as a bargaining chip as the NDP insanely thought was a good idea from their death bed. The Liberals were strongly re-elected with the full knowledge of all British Columbian’s (not just one interest group) of their history and future goal with the BCTF. If government then solves the education issue wrong, they will pay in 3 years.

      • The Liberals were reelected on a “jobs, jobs, jobs” platform, fueled by the untold wealth and prosperity that Christy’s LNG pipe dream would bring. Education was a one-line throwaway on World Teachers Day. However, the Liberals have gladly used their battles with the teachers / class size and composition to distract the public from the lack of progress with LNG and lack of jobs (unless you call TFW job creation).

    • Let’s start the race to the bottom.

      Which benefits are ridiculous? Sick leave? Maternity/paternity leave? Dental?

      Shouldn’t you be wondering instead, why others don’t have the same rather than try to tear down those that do have these benefits?

      BTW, other unions have far better benefits than teachers. Most public sector benefits packages are subject to considerable clawbacks.

      Another BTW, the benefits and pension packages of the MLAs and other Gov’t bureaucrats far surpass even the best of the union benefits.

      For example, Mary Polak, after only 12 years of “work” as an MLA will draw over $60 000 / year of pension PLUS a 15 month “severance” package PLUS a $59 000 “adjustment” allowance as well as her fully-indexed, lifetime medical / dental / optical benefits. Far, far superior than a teacher who put in 35 years of service to the children of BC.

  5. The problem with the notion that the government should be held accountable for getting the education problem wrong is that it will not necessarily be manifested at the election box,

    Those pronouncements are only made by persons who believe (and know) that it will never happen. Regardless of final outcomes, education is never the prominent and only issue that will defeat or elect a government. I fully agree with that notion but I would not continually state the obvious.

    Having said that “it is my opinion” that if the SCOC upholds the BCTF challenge wrt CS and CC, short of invoking the notwithstanding clause, the government will have no choice but obey the law. Until then, the government has the right of appeal because a decision favouring the BCTF is going to very costly.

    So it is rather premature to be advocate the government continue on its path to further strip teachers’ constitutional rights until the courts (SCOC) render a final ruling. Let’s wait for the final deciion which will then determine what the government will be allowed to do,

    It is noteworthy that the government ran with (respected) the BC Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of polygamy laws but did not respect two decisions by the same court on the constitutionality of teachers’ right to bargain CS and CC. Only when it wins?

  6. @ bob
    Check your benefit pkg. against what we who have to pay for them are able to get in the private sector. What is the ratio in$ we contribute to your pension as to what you do??

  7. $40 Day Website – TESP

    Even with Vince Ready ready to do his magic in this dispute, 86% of respondents to CKNW poll today DID NOT expect the strike to end by School Start day, Sept 2.

    Meanwhile, the government website is up to inform parents of the $40 day plan.

    There are no conditions to receive this payout except ONE — verification of registration in a public school AFTER strike end. Here is more information:

    “Payments for students attending kindergarten, and for students who are new to B.C. public schools, will also be made after the labour disruption ends once enrollment for the current school year can be confirmed.”

    Please note the emphasis on “education”. This initiative is called the Temporary Education Support for Parents – TESP. It echoes the stress placed by Finance Minister, Mike de Jong, in his July 31 announcement, “They are to use those funds to acquire tutoring for their children . . . to explore other educational opportunities as they see fit . . . and for some parents, it’ll be basic daycare.”

    As for daycare, the YMCA announced they are preparing for 1,100 additional spots in Sept if needed.